Hitomishiri Onna 1

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Chapter 1: I, born

Having too much of a good thing can quickly spiral out of control…

Uwaah uwaah uwaah!

So noisy… I lived alone, so why could I hear a baby crying in my room? Jeez, I finally had a day off from work tomorrow, just lemme sleep!

“Congratulations, it’s a healthy baby boy.”

“Oooh, ooh, Meria, you did great, you did great!”

“Heheh, are you crying Ryan…?”

“Aaah! That my child and my beloved are both in good health, I couldn’t be happier!”

Huh, what’s all this? Blonde? Giant? What’s going on? I should’ve been in my room. Excited about my day off, I’d collapsed onto my bed, and… I can’t remember anything after that. I probably fell asleep. So why…

“Uwaaaaaaah (Why am I a baby?!?!?!)”


Saitou Yoshiko, dead at age 24; cause of death, currently unknown.

I appeared to have been reborn. I was so confused at suddenly having a baby’s body, I panicked and cried. When put to my mother’s breast, I instinctively grabbed it, and by the time I was done I had calmed down. I was being held in my beautiful mother’s arms, and using sheer willpower I used my sleepy eyes to take a look at my surroundings. My mother had soft, golden hair, gentle and light eyes with a strong green color, and small rosy colored lip; truly a beauty. Sitting in a chair by the bed was my father with thick brown hair, and two keen blue eyes. He had been smiling for a long while with that wide grin of his, and it didn’t look to be going away anytime soon; truly a handsome man.

I had apparently been born this these beautiful parents. I looked forward to my future. And that was when my consciousness started fading out.

“Grow up well, Altis.”




With a particularly loud entrance, Solis, my second son, entered the room. Scolding him from behind, Jörg, the eldest, also entered. The two currently attended military school, but had come home earlier than usual. I was certain they had rushed home in their excitement.

“Mother! Is it a boy? A girl?”

Solis was excited about having his first little brother or sister while Jörg was still firmly scolding him.

“Solis, Mother is tired. Learn to read the mood.”

“Thank you, Jörg. Solis, it’s a little brother. His name is Altis. Take good care of him, you hear?”

Altis had just fallen asleep, and Solis looked upon him as the babe turned and snuggled into my arms. Ryan decided to take a gander as well, and seeing his cheeks finally slacken, I couldn’t help but let out a small giggle. Anyone that knew the normal Ryan would be surprised to see this Ryan.

“Altis, I’m your big brother.”

Solis felt Altis’ soft cheeks, while Jörg looked on with curiosity beside him. Jörg hadn’t seen a baby this small since Solis was born ten years ago. I knew Altis would be well taken care of by these two. I patted Jörg’s soft brown hair, and he averted his eyes, embarrassed. Come now, you’re already a big brother.

“Meria, you should sleep soon. I’m sure you’re tired.”

Jörg and Solis nodded in agreement with their father’s statement. The boys gave Altis a kiss on the forehead then left the room.

“Thank you, Ryan. That’s a good idea, I think I’ll rest for a while.”

Ryan kissed Altis’ forehead and mine. Whispering for me to have good dreams, he quietly walked out of the room.

I carefully laid Altis down in the crib next to the bed so as not to wake him. He was already fast asleep.

“Good night, Altis. Have sweet dreams.”

I laid down in the bed, closed my eyes, and soon drifted off to sleep.

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