DKC – Chapter 935

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Chapter 935 – Ouyang Yunqi (3)

“Do you like it?” The little princess asked.

Under that pair of bright eyes, Su Luo couldn’t say she didn’t like it.

“Uh.” She faintly agreed with a sound.

The little princess smiled like a little fox, a crafty expression flashing through her eyes, “Okay, since you like it, then I’ll reluctantly gift you a crown.”

The little girl took out another slightly larger flower crown from behind her and placed it on Su Luo’s head.

On the flower crown was a light purple-colored Ice Frost Rime Flower.

Su Luo knew the Ice Frost Rime Flower could be used in medicine. It only grew on sheer cliffs, normally, it was very hard to gather.

“Third Elder Brother personally weaved this crown.” The little girl said proudly.

Su Luo want to take it off, but was stopped by the little girl, “Don’t take it off, Third Elder Brother said, wearing this could attract fireflies.”

Seeing Su Luo hesitate, the little Princess Yulin simply didn’t give her time to consider: “Yun Luo, let’s go attract some fireflies, quickly, quickly!”

Those palace maids at the little Princess Yulin’s side, seeing that the little princess had a new target, afterwards, she wouldn’t come to make mischief for them. Therefore, all of them raised both hands in endorsement.

“Yun Luo, you quickly go. Seldom does the Seventh Princess have the interest.”

“The little princess’s temper, presumably, you also know. If you don’t go, the consequences would be very grave.”

“Wait upon the little princess well, it’s our duty as palace maids.”

Each and every one opened their mouth to advise Su Luo.

Su Luo felt she had a very strong headache.

“Okay, okay, don’t keep harping on it. Go, then I’ll go.” Su Luo, for lack of a better choice, gave a heavy sigh.

She also hadn’t acted well in her capacity as a palace maid, since it was like this, then she should accompany that little girl well.

Su Luo and the little princess walked towards the hillside, that place had the most fireflies.

“Wow, really great, really great oh!” The little Princess Yulin saw countless number of fireflies circling around on top of Su Luo’s forehead. She was so excited that she started to clap.

“All the fireflies have been attracted away by you. This won’t do, I’ll need to walk deeper in.” The little princess was almost running, seeing Su Luo following by her side closely. A touch of craftiness could be seen flashing across her pair of black as ink eyes.

“Third Elder Brother!” The little princess suddenly ran towards Su Luo’s back.

Ouyang Yunqi? Su Luo’s figure suddenly became rigid, the hands at her side clenched tightly into fists.

Yunqi walked out from the shadows, and walked in front of Su Luo.

His handsome and bright as the stars eyes unblinkingly gazed towards Su Luo.

Su Luo’s heart had a kind of peculiar state of mind. She didn’t want to have any contact with him alone. Because she was afraid she would be unable to bear it and erupt.

“I’ll go find the little princess.” Su Luo’s tone was indifferent, turned around and wanted to go.

However, before she could walk out several steps, her arm was grabbed and pulled to a stop by Ouyang Yunqi.

“Don’t go.” His tone was overcast, close and hoarse, carrying an indescribably complicated mood.

“Let go!” Su Luo was extremely furious, two raging infernos had been ignited in both eyes.

The gaze full of resentfulness suddenly startled Ouyang Yunqi’s heart. A pained look slipped across his face, finally, his hand let go.

“I’m going to look for the little princess.” Su Luo’s face sank down, turned around and wanted to go.

Behind her came Ouyang’s lazy tone: “Yulin has already walked far away, where are you going to go to find her?”

Su Luo coldly smiled: “Then I’ll go back, it should be possible right?”

Regardless of whether the person in front of her eyes was Yun Qi from her previous life, she still didn’t want to stay together with him alone.

She couldn’t afford to offend, but she could always avoid him right?

However, Su Luo never expected that she couldn’t even avoid him.

Ouyang Yunqi’s mouth hooked into a lazy smile: “Su Luo, where do you want to return to?”

Su Luo? Hearing him accurately verify her name, Su Luo’s body, in an instant, became rigid.

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