DKC – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 ­- To come back from death’s door (4)


In the darkness of the night, the silvery tip of a dagger shined brightly. Su Luo’s body shifted as quick as lightning and within seconds had already arrived at Cui Yu’s back. Su Luo’s half broken dagger was wielded with deadly aim towards Cui Yu’s throat.

Su Luo’s movements were precise and nimble, merciless and blood-thirsty, there wasn’t a single wasted motion.

Cui Yu proved to be a second ranked martial artist. She sensed danger approaching and slid to the left while attempting to stab the person behind with her sword.

However, she was already a step too late.

While Cui Yu was leaning left to avoid the dagger aimed at her throat, Su Luo had already anticipated Cui Yu’s actions and had moved the dagger there in advance. Therefore, when Cui Yu leaned to the left, she ran directly into the dagger.

A “Sshhluck!——” sound lightly echoed and a stream of blood rushed out like spring water

“Ahhhh——” Cui Yu did not die immediately, but the pain caused her to roll around on the ground.

The instant kill failed because Su Luo’s dagger had lost half of its effectiveness. Half of the dagger had been chewed off by the adorable little dragon previously, therefore it was not sharp enough to kill Cui Yu instantly.

Su Luo coldly watched Cui Yu rolling around on the ground in pain and quietly asked, “Why are you trying to kill me?

“You must die!” Cui Yu’s facial features were malevolent, her expression twisted, but her chin was still unbending and arrogantly raised.

“Just tell me the truth and I’ll release you from your suffering. How do you feel about this deal?” Su Luo said with a bargaining tone as she squatted down and gave Cui Yu a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

Cui Yu coldly turned her face away, not paying any attention to Su Luo’s threats.

In Cui Yu’s eyes, Su Luo was just an ant. She would never admit that Su Luo was stronger than her.

“Very courageous of you!” Su Luo pulled out the blood encrusted, half-broken dagger. Her smile was genial, like a warm breeze. It did not contain even a hint of anger. “As you already know, my dagger is very dull. It can’t kill a person in one strike.”

“Humph.” Cui Yun firmly spat out.

“Very good! I admire your courageous spirit. I hope you can keep it up as we continue.” Su Luo’s face held a faint yet sly smile. She smiled with ease while the dagger mercilessly zoomed towards Cui Yu’s finger.

A finger was forcibly cut off.

“Ahhh——” Cui Yu was in so much pain that her tears and mucus flowed out together. The agony almost made her pass out.

Without waiting for Cui Yu to speak, the second finger was quickly severed and went flying off.

The third finger….

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” A trace of startled surprise flashed through Cui Yu’s eyes.

She did not understand. Even though Cui Yu is a practitioner of martial arts, she would not be able to use such a cruel method. How was Su Luo able to do it so skillfully and with such a gentle and soft smile, at that?

It was as if what she was slicing off were not fingers but pieces of bread.

This person was simply a monster!

“You need not be so anxious. I haven’t completely chopped them all off yet.” Su Luo gestured with her hand as if to say she still wished to continue cutting off more.

Cui Yu reluctantly but loudly said, “It was the Young Mistress that told us to kill you! For every grievance, someone is responsible. For every debt, there is a debtor. If you have the ability, then go look for the Young Mistress to seek your revenge!”

“Why would she want to kill me?” As expected, it was the Jade Lake’s fairy who wanted to kill her.

Cui Yu stared at Su Luo as if looking at an idiot. “Do you really not understand? Our Young Mistress from when she was little until now is deeply attached to his highness Prince Jin! They grew up together and since childhood, their mutual affection was unlike others! In everyone’s eyes, the Young Mistress and Prince Jin was like a pair of Jade Annulus. As for you, his highness Prince Jin actually kissed you. Therefore, you can not be forgiven.”

“Just because he kissed me, thus your Jade Lake’s fairy wants to kill me?” Su Luo coldly smiled. Her guess was indeed correct.

“Yes! Because his highness Prince Jin does not allow others to get close to him. The only person who can even touch him is our Young Mistress! Now, there is a third wheel and that is you. Therefore, you must die!”

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