DKC – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – The Game’s Outcome Has Yet To Be Decided

The crown prince revealed a face full of wonder and appeared to have an extreme interest in this matter. He stared unblinkingly at the lotus pond with sparkling eyes.

“Come out! If you don’t come out, I’ll attack!” Su Jingyu stood in front of the crown prince to protect him, ready to attack the enemy at anytime.

As expected, this kind of action gained a favorable impression from the crown prince. He patted Su Jingyu on the shoulder, indicating that he could deal with this by himself.

Inside the lotus pond.

At the moment, Su Xi was at a complete loss. If she came out now in front of the crown prince, she would lose too much face. She had coveted the title of Crown Princess for a very long time. If she came out now, she would never possess it.

Fine, since this disaster had been caused by Third Sister, then she’ll have to personally go settle this herself.

“After they leave, remember to give me that cloak! Or else I’ll beat you to death!” After being in the water for so long, Su Xi’s lips somewhat trembled. After saying that, she lifted Su Wan’s belt and tossed her ashore.

Su Wan’s “Ahhh——” was similar to a dying pig’s screech. She carried water droplets on her body as she flew across the sky in an arc until finally falling to the ground with a bang. Her jade body laid in a disarray on the bank as she completely wet the ground’s soil.

What was even more unfortunate was that her belt had been pulled out by Su Xi. She was originally relaxed but now that she had encountered such a loss and landed on the ground for a period of time, her belt dispersed as the front of her clothes immediately opened to suddenly reveal the bright red undergarments inside her clothing and her slender jade legs.

The undergarment that covered her chest was opened wide in exposure as the jade peaks of her bosom’s mountains became faintly discernible, and invited crime.

Su Jingyu’s eyes were wide open. It was simple unbelievable! His mouth was opened so wide that even an hen’s egg could be stuffed in.

No matter what, he never would’ve expected why his third younger sister would suddenly appear on the bank, and would even appear in such a humiliating way. What’s more, she appear like this in front of the crown prince.

Could it be that she was expressing her feelings of affection for the crown prince this way?

This is simply just… simply just…. too shameless!

Blue veins popped up on Su Jingyu’s forehead. He took off his outer clothing and tossed it onto Su Wan’s body and covered up that shameless body as he roared coldly: “Why haven’t you gotten up yet?”

He felt like he had never lost this much face in front of the crown prince before and now, he felt like his face had combusted.

Unfortunately, Su Wan did not answer his words. She still laid in the same place in front of everyone as they stood in a circle and watched, because at the moment, Su Wan had already fainted.

“Your Highness, my younger sister’s mischief has stirred up trouble and has accidentally offended you. By all means, please do not be offended.” Su Jingyu gnawed his back teeth and forced himself to adopt a rigid smiling expression as he tried to mediate the situation.

He said that on one side as he gestured at his servants to hurriedly carry his third younger sister on the other.

The crown prince heartily laughed and appeared to be in a joyful mood. He clapped Su Jingyu on the shoulder like an older brother and smiled: “That was your family’s astonishingly gifted little sister? The way she came out was quite…. Hmm, special?”

The crown prince had actually seen Su Xi before, but because Su Wan had been flung up, her face had been covered with disheveled hair. Since she had crawled up like a water ghost, the crown prince had not distinctively seen her face before Su Jingyu covered Su Wan’s face with his robe.

So the crown prince did not actually see which Su Manor’s young Miss it was.

But the words the crown prince had said, had their own intentions.

The words the crown prince had said made Su Xi, who was in the lotus pond, become so depressed that she raged with fire! She angrily stomped her foot in the water.

What’s wrong with the crown prince’s eyes, that was obviously Third Elder Sister alright? How could it be her, Su Xi! Even though she was secretly happy that the crown prince had remembered her, how could she forgive that he had mistaken that sorry of a figure for her.

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