DKC – Chapter 898

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Chapter 898 – Fleeing for thousands of meters (1)

The medicinal cauldron Fairy Yan Xia was so exceptionally proud of suddenly shattered into pieces.

Because Li Yaoyao was so close to the cauldron, how could she endure such a strong and fierce power?

Immediately, her whole body was rolled up by the wave from the blast and very fiercely, it sent her flying, hitting her against the wall very harshly.

Her white dress that covered her entire body was splashed with specks of medicinal juice.

At the same time, an agile silhouette, in a flash, rushed outside!

There’s no need to say that this person was Su Luo.

Opportunity knocks but once!

Taking advantage of the fact that that old witch Yan Xia was absent, she hurriedly fled!

Su Luo’s speed, in a split second, rose to lightning fast.

However, how could Li Yaoyao let Su Luo escape once again?

Although she hadn’t gotten up yet, but her green vine quickly wrapped itself towards Su Luo’s feet. At the same time, she yelled: “Master! Su Luo is running away!”

Anger flashed through Su Luo’s eyes!

Without waiting for Su Luo to strike back, the little divine dragon had already spewed flames towards the green vine.

Thereupon, Li Yaoyao’s green vine was quickly swallowed up by flames until nothing was left.

Su Luo’s foot raised, that bottle of concentrated corrosive that had fallen was directly kicked towards Li Yaoyao: “Enjoy it well!”

The bottle containing the concentrated corrosive suddenly exploded in mid-air.

Countless drops of the liquid fell down like rain and covered Li Yaoyao in star like spots.

“Ah——!!!” An alarmed scream erupted from Li Yaoyao’s mouth, and she quickly dodged.

But, how could those droplets that covered the sky was something she wanted to dodge could dodge?

Li Yaoyao protected her face, but as for the rest of her body it was hard to say.

Screams of pain continuously came from her mouth.

Su Luo saw this merely laughed coldly.

Surveying her surroundings——

Everything in here was high quality goods.

Old witch Yan Xia, I’m going to give you heartache again!

Su Luo with a wave of her hand, countless fireballs flew to every corner of the refining hall.

At once, flames spread all around, burning with smoke all around….

Fairy Yan Xia who spared no expense to collect all these items to decorate the refining hall were all burned until nothing was left by Su Luo.

Now time was a very important factor for Su Luo.

Li Yaoyao was also at the sixth rank, there was no way to determine a winner between them immediately.

She had no time to kill Li Yaoyao, so she turned around and ran toward the exit door.

Not long after Su Luo exited the door, Fairy Yan Xia had heard of the news and immediately rushed over.

She saw Li Yaoyao who was rolling on the ground in extreme pain, then looked at the refining hall billowing with smoke. An angry expression took over her face, and with one grab picked up Li Yaoyao: “Where is she?!”

Her refining hall!

Was actually burnt to this extent!

Damn it! Damn it!

Fairy Yan Xia was so furious her face turned ghastly pale with fists clenched tightly.

She had already lost her most valuable medicinal chest, now even her refining hall was destroyed.

So many years of painstaking effort——

She was simply about to go mad!

She originally thought that this loathsome girl couldn’t make anymore waves, the result, she destroyed all of her efforts in just a moment! The more Fairy Yan Xia thought about it, the angrier she became. She was itching to capture Su Luo, and ruthlessly chop her into mince meat to feed to the dogs!

At this moment, Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes turned as sharp as ice blades, itching to stab Li Yaoyao to death.

Li Yaoyao was picked up with both legs dangling in the air, looking extremely pitiful.

“She ran, ran….” Li Yaoyao’s eyes were hazy with tears, face contorted with pain.

Because she could feel the blisters formed from the corrosive on her arms and legs making a sizzling sound. She could feel her skin being eaten away by the corrosive.

Painfully, so painfully as if her vital organs were tearing apart, she really wanted to immediately pass out….

“Did you see her face or not?!” Fairy Yan Xia asked the question she was most concerned with!!!

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