DKC – Chapter 851

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Chapter 851 – Convergence of Experts (2)

Now, her pair of eyes provocatively sneered, sizing up Su Luo from top to bottom: “Tsk, tsk. Apothecary Leng is Grandmaster Rong Yun’s first disciple, and you call him Senior Brother? Could it be you think you’re that Su Luo, with such good luck as to defy nature?”

Su Luo spread out both hands, shrugging her shoulders helplessly: “Quite unfortunately, that is precisely who I am.”

Who knew that the moment Su Luo admitted this, it made Luo Dieyi burst into loud laughter.

“You’re Su Luo? Grandmaster Rong Yun’s personal disciple? What kind of joke are you playing at!” Luo Dieyi decided to regard this as unbelievable.

Luo Haochen also sneered repeatedly: “You think that by pretending to be Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple, that you won’t need to hand over these treasures anymore? How ridiculous!”

Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi thought Su Luo was a fake.

However, Zi Yan used a complicated gaze to look at Su Luo…

“Elder Luo predecessor, could it be that even you think these treasures should be taken away by the Luo family?” Su Luo serenely gazed at Elder Luo. Her expression was neither servile nor overbearing. She was natural and unrestrained.

Although she seemed serene, but how could Elder Luo not hear the question in her words?

His eyes swept past and his gaze fell onto the little divine dragon’s body.

The thing on the little dragon’s body, was indeed very useful for Luo family’s younger generation.

When Elder Luo’s line of sight fell on Su Luo’s face again, Su Luo suddenly felt her body stiffen.

The distinctive might and pressure that only belonged to a strong expert. It was just like an imposing and majestic towering mountain peak, pressing down on Su Luo’s shoulders!

Luo Shengtian!

Su Luo’s eyes stared slightly, laboriously biting her lower lip. She condensed her entire body’s spirit power on her shoulders. Only with this, could she breathe somewhat.

However, this kind of feeling was really horrible.

It reminded Su Luo of that time in Su Manor, when she first saw Li Yaoxiang. At that time, Jade Lake Palace’s Second Master, it was also the first time meetinghim and he gave her an initial show of strength.

That time, Nangong appeared in time and saved her from that calamity.

But this time, she could only depend on herself! Su Luo’s hand that was at her side suddenly clenched tightly.

Just when Su Luo felt she was still able to resist the pressure with difficulty, this powerful mighty pressure once again got stronger in an instant!

If it was said that the previous one was at sixth rank and tolerable, now, it had already gotten heavier to the high pressure of a seventh rank.

That was like the strength of mountain peaks smashing down heavily, causing Su Luo’s knees to bend slightly.

This was to make her kneel down, to admit defeat and apologize?

Su Luo sneered in her heart.

If standing on the side of justice meant having to be forced to apologize, then what she would be throwing away was not just her own pride, but also Beautiful Teacher’s pride!

She was pressured until she was shuddering from head to toe, sweat as big as beans rolling down.

Su Luo’s white as snow skin – at this moment, it was possible to clearly see every vein. Even blood vessels as fine as hair were clearly visible.

On Su Luo’s fair as jade skin, threads of blood seeped out… It was a ghastly sight to see.

Elder Luo only targeted Su Luo alone, so among the several people present, only Su Luo had to endure this kind of unprecedented pressure.

Seeing Su Luo being pressured until such a miserable appearance,

Zi Yan’s heart was extremely anxious.

If it continued on like this, Su Luo would finally explode. When that time came, how would she ….explain it?

With a cold voice, Zi Yan said to Elder Luo: “Elder Luo predecessor, if Su Luo’s master were to treat Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi this way, what would you do?”

“Pffttt, the loathsome girl’s master. You actually dare to mention him on equal terms with my grandfather. Zi Yan, you must have gone soft in the head?” Luo Dieyi disdainfully snorted.

“Her master can’t be mentioned on equal terms with your grandfather? Hahaha, fool!” Zi Yan pointed at these two idiots and snarled, “Her master is Grandmaster Rong Yun!!!”

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