DKC – Chapter 844

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Chapter 844 – Diamond Ape King (10)

The last half of the sentence was something Su Luo said to Zi Yan.

Which woman wouldn’t treasure their appearance? Su Luo purposely said these words to stab at Luo Dieyi’s heart.

Zi Yan understood Su Luo completely, so she happily continued, “How could it not? I feel that it is certain, that face would be disfigured, can’t you see it? That wound is so deep that you can see the bones, shining white and dripping with blood. Just looking at it is nauseating.”

Su Luo nodded her head to express her agreement, and she also moved far away from Luo Dieyi, in a manner showing her disgust: “So pitiful.”

Zi Yan’s expression was also full of pity: “So young and appearance is already like this. She still hasn’t even married yet, too pitiful….”

After Luo Dieyi heard the two people going back and forth with being disfigured and how pitiful she was, she touched her face. It was bloody, and with a ‘wow’ sound, she was immediately scared into crying.

Luo Haochen glared at the two with displeasure: “Speak less and no one would think you guys are mute.”

At the same time, Luo Haochen patted Luo Dieyi’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, didn’t Apothecary Leng just produce a new medicine called Rebirth of Flesh Pill? Wait until your brother go back and demands one for you.”

Luo Dieyi, who originally was bawling, hearing this, she immediately stopped crying. She pitifully nodded her head: “Uhm, Brother must get one for Dieyi.”

“Okay, Brother guarantees it.” Luo Haochen said with extreme confidence.

Hearing this, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth curved up slightly.

Ever since the last time, when Senior Brother helped cure her enemies, the Liu Family siblings whose hands were cut off, his heart felt very guilty. As a result, he swore that he would never refine Rebirth of Flesh Pills again.

And those Rebirth of Flesh Pills that he had refined before, were all in her hand.

This guarantee by Luo Haochen was not a bit guaranteed.

Although the four people were divided into two groups, but at least, there wasn’t a life-and-death battle between them, so this situation could be regarded as quite calm.

Just when Su Luo was about to look for a way out and try to leave——

Lifting up her head, she immediately discovered the Diamond Ape King coldly standing in front of them. Its pair of eyes was staring fixedly at Su Luo.

At this moment, among the four people, only Su Luo discovered this.

Su Luo’s body immediately froze.

Su Luo subconsciously nudged Zi Yan.

“What——” Zi Yan, at a loss, turned her head around, before the last word to finish her question could be spoken, her body also froze immediately.

Diamond Ape King…..

How, could, it, be, here!!!

Su Luo and Zi Yan glanced at each other, both of them had a thread of shock in their eyes.

Such a far distance, in the end, how did the Diamond Ape King get here?

Seeing how Su Luo and Zi Yan’s body had stiffened in place, Luo Dieyi was just about to taunt them, however…..

“AH!!!” As a person who had the weakest psychological strength, Luo Dieyi subconsciously screamed out loud!

“Quickly run!” Su Luo grabbed Zi Yan and took to her heels to run.

Luo Dieyi, this idiot! Was there a person who would provoke the Diamond Ape King like this?

Su Luo and Zi Yan ran very quickly.

However, the Diamond Ape King didn’t move a bit. Very clearly, its real target was Luo Dieyi.

Clearly, Luo Haochen also realized this point.

He couldn’t leave, just abandoning Luo Dieyi, this younger sister, and not help her.

Therefore, he immediately pulled Luo Dieyi and turned around to chase after Su Luo’s group.

Even if they died, he must also drag them down to share the same fate!

“Brother…..Brother……” Luo Dieyi suddenly thought of something, she took out a dark wooden box from the bag she carried on her body and handed it over to Luo Haochen.

“You even took this?” Luo Haochen exclaimed in surprise.

“….I was afraid there might be danger, so I stole this from Grandpa’s secret room….” Luo Dieyi shrank her neck while explaining.

“Good, very good! Stole it well!” Momentarily, Luo Haochen’s mood became very good.

The thing in the dark wooden box wasn’t anything else, but a spirit pinball!

Luo Haochen grabbed the spirit pinball with his hand, but his heart hesitated and was somewhat uncertain.

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  1. Riger says:

    For such a ‘rare’ item, we sure see a lot of those stupid pinballs… And not a single one has worked the way it was supposed to. Two 1 in 10k powerups, and another eaten by a rock.

    • Owl says:

      Quick! Give it to Su Luo!

      Diamond Ape King powered up to become Diamond Ape Emperor lol

      She should just use it and smack it on her own forehead.

    • Yuki says:

      Yeah… kinda wonder who’s started advertising them this way xD. Is it all a big conspiracy to keep the common folks from knowing its actual power? Lol

    • WirlWind says:

      They’re only rare on the market. Masters dying of natural causes / escaped with mortal wounds would probably be happy to condense them to leave behind as ‘strength’ for their family / sect, which also gives their death some meaning.

      However, they’re basically the remains of their elders and they are supposed to respect their ancestors, so normally no-one would sell them unless it was a desperate act.

      So basically, they’re still rare, even if a few people have a lot.

  2. SUNOFA says:

    Again with the pinball?

  3. Tasha says:

    Welll…they do work…just not in the way advertised when our heroine is around. I would venture to say that she’s an anti-pinball force. IOW, don’t use one around her!!

    • Owl says:

      You think too narrowly Padawan. With her around, this is how you use a pinball.

      *Smacks it on forehead*


      …ow… forgot..she should be the one smacking it on forehead….

    • June says:

      Prediction realized… even when she is not smashing the pinballs…. it still doesn’t work as expected! Her luck seem to spread

  4. Mel says:

    HEY WAIT… where’s the twin that was following su? did he not enter the cave?

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