DKC – Chapter 837

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Chapter 837 – Diamond Ape King (3)

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance, shock flashing through their eyes.

Not good!

At this time, there were other people that would come, and it seemed there was a large number of people. The Diamond Ape King would definitely be woken up by the noise!

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a mutual glance, both understanding each other’s thoughts. Run, run without delay, as long as they outran these dozen or so people, they’d be safe.

However, before they could launch out, Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi had led a group of people, and charged in majestically.

As soon as Luo Dieyi saw Su Luo and Zi Yan’s sneaky appearance, immediately, her anger rose up and she started to spew insults.

It was Su Luo! Luo Dieyi recognized her immediately from before!

“You guys still want to run! I order you to stop! Hand over the Red Acacia Tree!”

Luo Dieyi, in the midst of a violent rage, her voice was as loud as a thunderstorm.

Now, both Su Luo and Zi Yan’s eyebrows knotted tightly.

“Shut up! Don’t shout!” Su Luo said in low voice as she glared at Luo Dieyi angrily.

Actually, just when Luo Dieyi was shouting, Zi Yan flew towards Luo Dieyi and attempted to seal her mouth.

But Luo Haochen was next to Luo Dieyi, so he directly stopped Zi Yan’s attempt.

Accordingly, Su Luo, who had a mutual understanding with Zi Yan, immediately went towards Luo Dieyi. But who could’ve known that two experts would burst out from Luo Dieyi’s side, immediately stopping Su Luo.

Therefore, Luo Dieyi safely finished her sentence of insults.

Luo Dieyi thought Su Luo and Zi Yan wanted to kill her, she raised her voice even higher: “You two will soon…”

“If you don’t want to die, then shut up!” Su Luo glared at her and said in a stern voice.

Su Luo’s voice was not loud, but it had an astonishingly imposing manner, full of deterrence strength, immediately scaring Luo Dieyi to a stop.

“Second older brother, she yelled at me, she actually shouted at me! Quickly help me take revenge!” Luo Dieyi immediately complained to Luo Haochen.

This idiotic Luo Dieyi now becoming aggressive, the more Su Luo told her to shut up, the louder her voice got.

“Idiot! The Diamond Ape King is inside, sleeping, if you wake him up, you just wait and become his lunch!” Su Luo looked at her as if looking at an idiot, very fiercely glaring at Luo Dieyi.

“Diamond Ape King?” Luo Haochen’s eyes narrowed dangerously, staring fixedly at Su Luo, “Are you telling the truth?”

“Absolutely the truth, more real than the purest gold!” Su Luo said in a low voice that was full of an imposing manner, “Anyway there’s only two of us, but a bunch of you guys. If it wanted to eat, it would eat you guys first!”

“You’re bluffing!” Before Luo Haochen could react, Luo Dieyi had swept Su Luo a disdainful glance, “Where is the Diamond Ape King? Where? Ask it to come out, I guarantee I will kill it!”

Su Luo pointed to a place inside.

Luo Dieyi just laughed coldly at Su Luo: “Okay, I’ll go inside and have a look, if there is no Diamond Ape King, you will hand over the Variant Acadia Tree to me!”

For Su Luo, the most important thing was to run out from this cave. Get as far away from this ticking time bomb of a Diamond Ape King.

Since Luo Dieyi expressed that she would approach the Diamond Ape King, just so happened to attract its hostility, Su Luo’s heart was happy to do so. She and Zi Yan exchanged glances with a hint of a sly smile flashing through their eyes.

Just when the Luo family’s people went into the inner room, Su Luo and Zi Yan turned around and were about to run away.

Because they knew very well, when these dozen or so people from Luo family were added up, they still were not enough for the Diamond Ape King to step on. So, it’s more important to run away.

However, though Su Luo and Zi Yan wanted to run, but the ten or so experts behind Luo Dieyi blocked their path.

“You two Misses should wait, without the young Master’s and Miss’s orders, you people are not allowed to leave.”

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