DKC – Chapter 802

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Chapter 802 – Dark Forest (1)

Su Luo laughed happily as she took a glance at him: “A space mage? I was already one from earlier.”

“You…You…” Li Yaoxiang’s eyes opened wide from shock, as he stared fixedly at Su Luo.

Who would have imagined, this loathsome girl who offended people and was so dislikable, was actually a space mage? A space mage ah….

The Jade Lake’s Li family had provoked such a space mage, in the future…

Once Li Yaoxiang became anxious, the blood from his chest sprayed out even more rapidly.

Seeing Li family’s second eldest in front of her with only a breath of life left, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a mocking sneer.

How awe-inspiring was the Li Yaoxiang from before?

In those days, he sat on up high, inside and outside of Su Manor’s great hall was a dense mass of kneeling people.

That day, he was arrogant, despotic, and aggressive, so overbearing that with a convenient wave of his hands, he would have choked her to death.

But so what? Fortunes rise and fall.

The Li Yaoxiang right now, didn’t he die by her hand?

Watching Li Yaoxiang, who was lying on the ground with a gossamer of breath, the wicked part of Su Luo started to emerge.

Time and time again, the Jade Lake’s Li family chased after her to kill her, if it was not for her good luck, she would have already been dead by now.

This hatred, how could she forget? How could she forget?

It was ending with just this one cut and to let Li Yaoxiang die so peacefully? Certainly not!

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a sinister smile, from up high, she looked at the dying Li Yaoxiang who was lying on the ground.

“I heard your Jade Lake’s Li family still hadn’t given up on searching for Li Aotian?” Su Luo had her hands crossed over her arms, raised an eyebrow and looked at him with not quite a smile.

Originally, Li Yaoxiang’s consciousness was blurring, momentarily, he seemed to have sobered up: “You…know?”

Su Luo leaned close to him, and smiled demonically: “Of course I know, because he was indirectly killed by me.”

“You——you——” Li Yaoxiang, having heard what was said, in the final dying moment of lucidity, he immediately spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Jade Lake’s Li family had sent out so many people to search for Li Aotian. But, he had already died in the hands of this loathsome girl in front of him!

“Lowly…Person! You….”

Li Yaoxiang struggled to get up, but Su Luo slightly poked him with the tip of her fingertip and he was pushed down once again.

How could he still have the imposing manner of an eighth-ranked expert from before? He was even weaker than an ant.

Li Yaoxiang had his eyes wide open, glaring fixedly at Su Luo, glaring fixedly.

Finally, until he breathed his last breath, his eyes still glared at her, dying with unresolved grievances.

“Dying just like this, really a pity. I haven’t practiced enough yet.” Su Luo pretended to weep with crocodile tears and gave a sigh.

On the side, Zi Yu’s figure slowly appeared.

The corner of his mouth pursed slightly, and cast a glance at Su Luo from the corner of his eyes.

One could only see Zi Yu’s sleeves waved pass, a red-hot flame appeared on Li Yaoxiang’s body.

“Crackle, crackle, crackle——”

The flame quickly spread on Li Yaoxiang’s body and burned. Very quickly, Li Yaoxiang was burned until not even the bones remained.

The arrogant Li family’s second eldest was changed into a slice of light smoke, dissipating into the air.

“Being indifferent to killing is fine, but you must remember to destroy the body and wipe away all traces.” Zi Yu apathetically reminded Su Luo.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly.

To indifferently kill the second eldest from Jade Lake’s Li family, who was also brought over as a stone for her to step on in gaining battle experiences. This Senior Brother Ice Cube was really daring.

After destroying the body and wiping away all traces, Su Luo was forced by Zi Yu to once again hurry on at flying speed to the Dark Forest.

There were four countries on this continent.

It was divided into Eastern Ling, Western Jin, South Wind and Northern Desert. These four countries were like their names and formed a circle.

In the middle of them was the legendary Dark Forest.

The Dark Forest occupied a very large area, with regards to size, it was bigger and even more vast than the sum of the four countries.

Inside, aside from mountainous region, there were also marshes, wetlands and all kinds of landforms.

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