DKC – Chapter 801

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Chapter 801 – On the road down the mountain (8)

This time, don’t blame this old man for being impolite!

The three meters’ distance became two meters, one point six meters…

Finally, Su Luo figure was nearly pressed close to Li Yaoxiang’s back.

Su Luo raised the dagger in her hand, and slashed towards Li Yaoxiang’s neck.

Just at this moment of imminent peril.

It seemed as if a pair of eyes had grown on Li Yaoxiang’s back. He didn’t turn around, but that hand contained a formidable strength as he grabbed towards Su Luo!

Li Yaoxiang turned around, that pair of of ice-cold eyes staring fixedly at Su Luo. The corner of his mouth hooked into a dark sinister smile: “Loathsome girl! Go die!”

His iron clamp-like hand clutched toward Su Luo’s slender neck, and it seemed as if Su Luo didn’t have any strength to resist.

Hidden on top of a tree, Zi Yu’s forehead wrinkled slightly, and he shook his head in disappointment at Su Luo.

The disciple Master chose this time was simply too stupid.

However, without waiting for Zi Yu to finish sighing, the scene in front of him changed and everything turned on its head.

Originally, Li Yaoxiang was clutching toward Su Luo’s neck while exposing a sinister and vengeful expression.

He wanted to continue pinching her more tightly, itching to pinch this loathsome girl until she was cut in two.

But his hand seemed to be controlled by a strange power. Regardless if it was speed or strength, all of it was weakened significantly.

Just at this critical moment, the dagger Su Luo had hidden in her sleeves suddenly launched towards Li Yaoxiang’s chest!

Li Yaoxiang wanted to push Su Luo away with one move, he wanted to avoid this dagger, but he discovered to his despair——

He had no way of avoiding it!

Indeed, it seemed to him, as an eighth-ranked strong expert, that when the loathsome girl’s dagger stabbed towards him, its speed seemed so slow as to be no different than an ant’s.

But, at the same time, he also discovered that his own speed was also greatly reduced.

Therefore, he could not shift away.

So he could only watch helplessly as that dagger slowly stabbed into his chest!

The dagger cut as if things were clay, with one blow, it could break things as if they were hair, it was incomparably sharp.

Now, this dagger had entered Li Yaoxiang’s chest to the hilt!

Li Yaoxiang’s pair of eyes were opened wide until they were perfectly round. Unwaveringly staring at Su Luo, not touching the ground, he stared at her——

“What… is… the… reason… “

His voice trembled, he was in so much pain that his entire body was numb. But, he still stared at Su Luo as he fell to the ground.

Su Luo pulled out the dagger, and immediately, the blood in Li Yaoxiang’s chest violently burst out.

Su Luo indifferently took out a white silk handkerchief, one after another, swiping to wipe clean her treasured dagger.

Her head was lowered from wiping clean the dagger, then she suddenly raised her head. When she looked at Li Yaoxiang, the corner of her mouth was hooked into a wicked smile: “Do you know where you are now?”

“Where…is it?” A mouthful of blood rushed out of the corner of Li Yaoxiang’s mouth.

Su Luo coldly pointed to a square area: “Nothingness of Space.”

Her Nothingness of Space, where she was king.

Naturally, Nothingness of Space was not omnipotent.

Before, when Li Yaoxiang was at the peak of eighth rank, he could destroy her Nothingness of Space.

But afterwards, Li Yaoxiang’s arm was torn off by Senior Brother Ice Cube, and his body suffered serious injuries. His strength was greatly decreased.

As a result, Su Luo thought of using her Nothingness of Space.

Nothingness of Space, once a person entered it, Su Luo could control the gravity and speed of the person.

Therefore, Su Luo set up this plan.

She deliberately turned towards Li Yaoxiang’s back, acting as if she wanted to kill him that way. But in fact, she had an ulterior motive, her real purpose was not to cut his throat, rather, it was to envelope him in Nothingness of Space!

Because her Nothingness of Space was simply too small, only allowing two people to be standing abreast.

Sure enough Li Yaoxiang was fooled, consequently, Su Luo had an opportunity that she could take advantage of.

Su Luo, while smiling, told Li Yaoxiang these words for him to listen to.

“You…you are actually….space mage….” Li Yaoxiang opened his eyes wide with incredulous disbelief, staring fixedly at Su Luo.

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