DKC – Chapter 761

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Chapter 761 – News of Su Luo’s Death (9)

The dagger ‘Yan Hua’ that could cut things like wind slicing hair.

A light flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

She took out the dagger and thrusted it in, her heart full of confidence. Suddenly, Su Luo’s expression collapsed in defeat….

The dagger which was originally incomparably sharp was actually useless towards this unknown wall.

“Could it be that there really is no way out?” Su Luo muttered to herself, “I don’t believe it!”

With regards to sharpness, could there be anything sharper than the little divine dragon’s claws and teeth?

As a result, Su Luo pulled out the little divine dragon who was sleeping soundly from her space.

The little divine dragon rubbed his drowsy, sleepy eyes. Both of his eyes innocently and bewilderedly looked at Su Luo.

He had slyly eaten a few of the Demon Soldiers again, he was truly sleepy…

Su Luo carried the little divine dragon and pointed at the side of the wall: “You are my last hope, you must not disappoint your family’s master.”

If she was to be trapped in this small room for the rest of her life. Su Luo felt that she would absolutely go mad.

The little divine dragon could feel his owner’s concern. He clenched his small fists and seriously nodded.

As a result, the little divine dragon directly clawed at the wall.

A very shallow claw print streaked across the wall.

Just when Su Luo’s eyes revealed a pleasantly surprised radiance, that shallow claw mark actually disappeared in the blink of an eye, not leaving a trace…

The snow-white wall returned to its originally pristine form.

Su Luo and Beichen Ying looked at each other in dismay. They truly did not know what to say that would be best.

The little divine dragon also felt that this was somewhat unexpected. He extended both of his little claws and carefully looked at them. Finally, his mouth pouted and he laid on the wall and started to nibble at the wall.



So hard and unable to bite it…

The little divine dragon pouted his mouth, feeling wronged. That pair of clear eyes, at this moment, contained two streams of tears. He gazed at Su Luo miserably, that appearance simply made people’s heart ache.

Afterwards, he wanted to speak to Su Luo, so he opened his mouth. Then, he paused, a small tooth falling out from his mouth.

Seeing this, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly, and she had a feeling of carrying the blame.

In the end, how hard was the surface of this wall? It actually broke off the little divine dragon’s baby tooth.

Su Luo heartachingly inspected his tooth: “What to do? This one that fell out, will it grow back again?

It was Su Luo’s first time raising a dragon and she completely did not know the growth pattern of the dragon race.

“Whief (Yes).” The little divine dragon covered the place the incisor had fallen out and nodded his head deadly earnestly.

His inherited memory told him this was the process of replacing his teeth. It was one of the indications that he was growing.

Seeing this scene now, Beichen Ying’s expression flashed with self-blame.

“Sorry, I dragged you in.” Beichen Ying’s face was full of guilt.

“We are comrade-in-arms that fight side by side. Don’t say things like this, seems as if we are strangers.” Su Luo smilingly patted his shoulders, “This is nothing serious, pull yourself together, youngster.”

Seeing that Su Luo was still this optimistic, Beichen Ying smiled a little, “Then, what should we do now?”

Su Luo expressed that she did not know.

All the methods at her disposal were all already used, but they were completely useless.

Time passed little by little. Su Luo and Beichen Ying each leaned on one side of the walls. Their faces both had a helpless expression.

Su Luo, bored, played with the weird spirit stone.

Right now, its temperature had already dropped and wasn’t as scalding to the hand as before.

“If you don’t leave within the set time limit, then you would automatically lose all of your qualifications in this competition.” Beichen Ying, somewhat jittery, grabbed his hair.

“If you do not go out, then Li Yaoyao will become the only candidate. At that time, she can automatically become the Grandmaster’s last disciple. Her background is already solid and strong. If she was also to become the Grandmaster’s disciple, then at that time, how could you compete with her.”

The more Beichen Ying spoke, the more guilty he felt. Until finally, he smashed the wall with his fist in regret.

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