DKC – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Then Give This King a Kiss

“Okay.” Su Luo slowly agreed after quite a long time.

Whatever you say, these conditions favored her. Just a mere kiss can’t hurt right? The modern her played around sometimes, so it wasn’t as if she wasn’t experienced.

The current her didn’t have anything and just happened to need a sucker to drop in her door.

Thus, the two treacherous male and female with ulterior motives began their first confrontation.

Su Jingyu’s party hurriedly approached.

Su Jingyu was the eldest son of the Su Family. Born from the first lady with a not too shabby innate talent; he was twenty years old yet was already a third step expert, a level that most of the younger generation wished to be at.

He didn’t come alone but instead brought along a formidable group of people. The spectacle was quite grand.

Su Xi was mad to the point of no return but there was no way out of the situation. Fearful of exposing any clue of her being there, she hid her entire body behind the lotus flowers. In her heart, she had already yelled at Su Wan to within an inch of her life.

She never expected that she, Su Xi, would one day be put in such a difficult situation!

If the one coming was only Su Jingyu, then it was fine, but he just had to bring along His Highness, the crown prince, and other sons of various noble families. If she were to go out now and was seen by them while looking like this, it was guaranteed that not even a quarter of an hour would pass before news of this would spread throughout the entire imperial capital. When that time comes, how could she, Su Xi, ever intermingle with others in the imperial capital?

Su Xi furiously glared at Su Wan and pledged that after she goes out, she would never let this Su Wan bitch get away with it!

Su Wan was also mad to the point of being half dead. She too, never expected that her luck to take a turn for the worse.

The situation before her eyes was taking a turn for the worse and the people who were coming were increasing by the moment. If they were to be discovered like this…. should they say that they were taking a swim?

But it was spring, and not even summer.

What to do, what exactly should she do? Su Wan’s anxiousness was comparable to disorderly ants.

Su Luo curled the corner of her mouth into a contemplating smile as she looked at the entourage of youngsters in bright clothes.

This was actually unexpected. She never would have thought that the crowd of people who came over would actually let Su Xi and Su Wan rack their brains, to then stealthily shrink back behind the lotus flowers. Su Luo then understood that the status of those in that group ought to be considerably high.

The one at the head ought to be the crown prince. He wore a brocade robe of canary yellow with a soaring dragon on his belt. His eyebrows seemed to be meticulously groomed, and his high bridged nose was above thin pale lips that were curled up to display an incomparably privileged air of haughtiness. As he wore this unbridled arrogant flair, he appeared to be both cruel and soft. It only took one look to see that his temper was not good.

Su Jingyu wore a dark green brocade robe with a crystal jade belt. He had a bright handsome face, sharp eyebrows and starry eyes, but at the moment, his eyebrows were tightly knitted into an unpleased expression.

The crown prince bursted into laughter after seeing the small fire: “Jingyu, what is your manor doing? Isn’t this just playing with fire?”

This was not limited to just the crown prince. The younger male generation of various noble families that were behind the crown prince also began to laugh immediately afterwards.

Because what was before them was a truth that was indeed worthy of being called a joke. Not only that, it only took a glance to clearly see that it was deliberately done on purpose.

Where was the fire here? It was clearly a hoax.

What was present before their eyes now, was just a medium sized bonfire. It was burning atop a pile of withered grass that was easily combustible, and was covered with a layer of fresh green leaves. It was known to all that if wood was not completely dried in the sun, the plume of smoke would be especially large after a period of ignition. And in doing so, it was obvious that the other party had done this to lure them here.

At this time, Su Jingyu also had some suspicions in his heart. The pretty space between his eyebrows opened up as he broke into a smile and said to the crown prince, “It’s probably a servant who accidentally started this.”

The crown prince stroked his chin as his gaze swept back and forth at the scene before him: “Oh? The General Manor’s servants are actually this heaven-daringly audacious?”

Su Jingyu’s heart stopped, and then hurriedly explained: “It could also be the result of my younger sister’s playful mischief. Since it is alright now, let’s go back? Jingyu is a bit unsure of the homework Teacher assigned today, and it just so happens that I could ask Your Highness, the crown prince, for a bit of guidance.”

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