DKC – Chapter 693

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Chapter 693 – God descending from heaven to subdue (9)

The little divine dragon opened his eyes, the first one he saw happened to be Li Aoqiong.

Seeing him, he immediately recalled the things he did to Little Master.

An expression of wanting to vent his anger flashed through the little divine dragon’s eyes. He lifted his paw and with a ‘pow’ sound, smashed it towards Li Aoqiong’s forehead!

The sharp claws not only scratched up Li Aoqiong’s face, even more, it slapped his body until it flipped over heavily in place.

Su Luo was so startled that her chin nearly hit the floor.

Before, the little divine dragon had just entered the sixth rank, now, all of a sudden, he could make Li Aoqiong flip over from a hit. What level was this?

But, when she looked at Li Aoqiong again, Su Luo understood completely.

Currently, Li Aoqiong had a large part of his spirit energy released by Grandmaster Rong Yun, in fact, his strength was already less than fourth rank.

From a grand and majestic ninth rank falling until fourth rank, it felt no different than falling from heaven and into hell.

Seeing him appearing in such a difficult situation, the stifled emotions Su Luo felt before from being chased and killed lessened a little.

Once again, she saw that the little divine dragon’s strength had suddenly gotten stronger, and that last bit of sulleness changed into excitement.

Su Luo happily hugged the little divine dragon, tapping his little head: “Hey, changed back to your original form oh, now, how strong are you?”

“Master, master, I’m already seventh rank!” The little divine dragon’s voice, carrying a touch of being pleased with himself, echoed in Su Luo’s mind.

“You are more accomplished when compared to your family’s Master.” Su Luo patted his little head.

If they were to really compare, Su Luo was filled with all kinds of envy and jealousy.

So the saying goes, reincarnating was also a skill, luck should be considered a part of that strength.

Because of the natural superiority of the gifted dragon race, the little divine dragon completely did not need to cultivate. What he ought to eat, drink and sleep, he does, after that, he could still absorb a villain’s spirit energy and make it his own to use. Not being careful and he directly flew to the seventh rank.

She, in contrast, was being chased to be killed everywhere. Time after time, she had to take great risks. After suffering untold hardship and efforts, today she had only reached the fifth rank.

This comparison would result in a handful of miserable tears.

The little divine dragon had no idea of his master’s thoughts. He just stuck out his little butt, standing in Su Luo’s embrace. His moist little pink tongue was licking her red swollen neck.

After being licked by the little divine dragon, Su Luo had a clear, cool and refreshing feeling. When she touched it again, that red swollen mark had unexpectedly completely disappeared.

As for Li Aoqiong.

His entire face was bloody, staggering along, he crawled up.

With only one glance, he saw the little divine dragon in Su Luo’s embrace that had a perplexed and adorable expression.

It really was a little divine dragon and not a puppy!

“It, it, it….” The finger Li Aoqiong used to point at the little divine dragon trembled non-stop, his face was full of shock.

Just seeing him, the little divine dragon was annoyed!

Consequently, not waiting for Su Luo to make a move, the little divine dragon leaped out of her embrace and took aim at Li Aoqiong’s chest.

“Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap——”

Continuously slamming him six times with his fists, each of the hit was capable of smashing him into spitting out blood.

The little divine dragon’s type of behavior was clearly learned from Grandmaster Rong Yun’s actions before.

Now, Grandmaster Rong Yun was looking at the little divine dragon, that pair of always coldly indifferent eyes flashed with a trace of warmth.

His hands beckoned towards the little divine dragon.

The little divine dragon slanted his head, sizing him up for a moment.

Maybe he felt the spirit energy on his body was pure and comfortable, therefore, the little divine dragon hesitated for a second before letting go of his little legs and hopped onto his body.

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s mood seemed to be pretty good.

The Grand master Rong Yun who was always not lax with his words or smile, unexpectedly, a shallow of an arc formed at the corner of his mouth.

Even though in a flash it passed, but this was also enough to shock everyone present.

Almost everyone was guessing, what kind of relationship did Grandmaster Rong Yun have with the little divine dragon.

Beichen Ying was even more envious as he slapped Su Luo’s shoulder: “The hard times are over, with the good times just beginning.”

Lan Xuan also slapped Su Luo’s other shoulder: “Finally watched until the clouds had parted and we can see the light of the moon.”

Anye Ming pursed his lips and smiled: “Congratulations, congratulations.”

“What is the congratulations for?” Su Luo still hadn’t realized it yet.

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