DKC – Chapter 687

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Chapter 687 – God descending from heaven to subdue (3)

However, right now, he was also a ninth rank! Not to mention, it was also Su Luo who had personally smashed him into the ninth rank. This kind of feeling was too uncomfortable.

Even in the Jade Lake’s Palace, full of high-leveled experts, he would still be among the few strongest experts! Placed in the entire continent, who would he be afraid off? He really needed to thank Su Luo properly.

Rather, the manner in which Li Aoqiong thanked Su Luo was to slap her dead with one palm strike.

Now, Su Luo’s heart was simply depressed to the extreme, while running, she was also thinking of ways to escape.

Confronted with absolute strength, any kind of trick was useless.

Su Luo thought here and there, she only had one hidden trump card left.

What to do? Could it be that she really needed to summon the little divine dragon’s father to come?

“Loathsome girl, voluntarily come out to receive death and I’ll leave you a whole corpse. If I catch you, humph, humph——” Li Aoqiong slapped out a palm strike towards the jungle.

Immediately, that huge area of trees collapsed and disintegrated. Even the forest in the far distance also suffered from the effects, with branches and leaves falling down in succession.

In the wake of the collapsing trees, Su Luo’s figure was immediately exposed.

Li Aoqiong, who was standing in mid-air, locked onto Su Luo, the corner of his mouth hooking into an evil sneer: “Loathsome girl, your speed is truly fast, now see where you can run to?”

Su Luo stood in place, looking at Li Aoqiong solemnly, a hazed over expression flashing through her eyes.

That life-saving jade piece was gripped tightly in her hand, she was prepared at anytime to crush it and cry for help.

Su Luo smiled easily, and indifferently shrugged her shoulders: “Not running, not going to run anymore. Anyway, in the end, you would still chase me down.”

Li Aoqiong never imagined that this girl would say not running and would stop running. According to his knowledge of her, this girl was like a lively mudfish, slipping through his fingers when he wasn’t careful.

He stared coldly and fixedly at Su Luo, a trace of regret passed through his eyes: “Su Luo, to tell you the truth, I really feel pity for you. In a short half year of time or so, from not having spirit powers to having it. To being promoted in succession to the fifth rank, this kind of achievement, when surveying the entire continent, is a genius seldom encountered once a millennium. However, you unfortunately offended the Jade Lake’s Li family, therefore, the Jade Lake’s Li family will not tolerate a genius like you maturing.”

Now, in Li Aoqiong’s eyes, Su Luo was already like a dead person.

As a result, his expression naturally carried a trace of regret: “It’s a pity, a genius like you is about to die…”

While speaking, a cynical sneer flashed across Li Aoqiong’s expression, “Su Luo, since it was you who smashed me into the ninth rank, then, in order to honor you, I will send you off with the strongest attack at the ninth rank. This way, you shouldn’t leave behind any regrets, right?”

Having heard what was said, Su Luo nearly vomited out blood from being infuriated.

Using the strongest attack at the ninth rank, this was just taunting her. okay? If it was not for her, could Li Aoqiong even reach the ninth rank?

“Within half a year, to continuously get promoted to the fifth rank, this kind of genius, in the entire world, is also someone rarely seen. Su Luo, you originally had a beautiful future, but the Jade Lake’s Li family cannot tolerate you growing up…” Li Aoqiong merely mouthed words of regret, his expression was completely the opposite.

Killing an ordinary person, was unlikely to bring him this kind of feeling of joy from killing an exceptional genius.

The corner of Li Aoqiong’s mouth hooked into a fiercely sinister sarcastic smile. His palm was slowly placed at his chest, the surrounding wind automatically moved, countless amounts of spirit strength rushed towards him, forming into a circular shape that could be seen with the naked eye.

“Thunderous electric attack——” Li Aoqiong roared, between his palm, a sudden golden-colored white light burst forth.

In the moment that the golden-colored thunderous lightning nearly formed——

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