DKC – Chapter 685

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Chapter 685 – God descending from heaven to subdue (1)

Seeing the scene before her, Su Luo wished she could slap her own head and die.

The person before her was pitch black from head to toe. His hair had been burnt. On his body, there were wounds in many places that were dripping with blood.

However, the spiritual strength hovering around his whole body was truly too strong.

“Li Aoqiong?” Su Luo stayed standing where she was, staring blankly and foolishly muttering to herself.

“Ninth rank now…” Beichen Ying quietly spat out one line, then he silently turned his head to look at Su Luo: “That spirit pinball, why didn’t you smash it at me?”

F*ck! From the short time at the peak of seventh rank, Li Aoqiong was promoted to the ninth rank. What sort of f*cking luck was this? It just made people jealous enough to go mad, okay?

Su Luo silently took a glance at him and depressingly said, “If I had known the results earlier, then I might as well have bashed myself with it.”

Now, she was still this weak, always in the stage of being chased to be killed. If she had smashed this spirit pinball on her own head, her cultivation speed would definitely be like a rocket and fly up in leaps!

Beichen Ying was so twitchy, he nearly grabbed his hair. He grabbed Su Luo’s slim-as-a-thread shoulders and shook it desperately: “Sister-in-law, oh, Sister-in-law! You, this- What sort of luck is this that you have? Is the Goddess of Fortune really your mother?”

Su Luo gloomily looked at her own pair of hands, then innocently looked at Beichen Ying: “Is this considered good luck or bad luck?”

“With regards to you guys, this is definitely not good luck.” A grim voice sounded from in front of Su Luo.

Li Aoqiong’s complexion was gloomy and frightening. He fixedly stared at Su Luo with a sinister measuring look. The corner of his mouth hooked into a sneer that was both sinister and horrifying: “Loathsome girl, this time, it’s really thanks to you. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for me to be promoted to the ninth rank.”

Right now, within the younger generation, he was fully deserving of being number one. Even if Nangong Liuyun came out, so what?

Heng, heng. Nangong Liuyun, it’s better that you come out! He just so happened to be able to, with one step, tread Nangong Liuyun under his feet!

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly.

Li Aoqiong saying it like this gave her an even stronger urge to vomit blood.

Inside Su Luo’s heart, all kinds of flavors of regret were interweaved with each other. She was so regretful that her intestines had nearly turned green. If this moment could start over again, she would definitely smash the spirit pinball on her own head!

“Got some cheap advantages, and just flaunts it. What kind of great character is that?” Su Luo curled her lip and scoffed twice.

At an angle Li Aoqiong could not see, Beichen Ying silently stood up and quietly gathered up all the spiritual strength in his body.

Li Aoqiong, with a smile that was not a smile, had hooked up the corner of his mouth and stared at Su Luo sinisterly: “Loathsome girl, trying to use the spirit pinball to smash me to death, right? Now, I’ll let you see how formidable the me that was promoted to the ninth rank by the spirit pinball is!”

When he finished speaking, Li Aoqiong was still staring at Su Luo sinisterly while laughing. A laugh that made her hair stand on ends.

At the same time, his palms started to move and the surrounding spiritual power rushed towards them. The strength of that power was so strong, it made a person’s heart palpitate.

Beichen Ying, with one move, pulled at Su Luo: “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and run!!!”

Su Luo’s ability to escape was not hidden.

The moment she heard Beichen Ying give the word, she turned, released her foot, and just ran.

She had already practised the Spirit Dance Steps until she was very proficient in it. Now, using it went very smoothly and easily. Her speed was as fast as flying, even Beichen Ying was nearly left behind by her.

Beichen Ying saw Su Luo, in what seemed to be a burst of wind, run in front of him, and momentarily, he was also left speechless…

Seeing that Su Luo and Beichen Ying were running far away, Li Aoqiong did not actually immediately chase after them to kill them. He stood motionless where he was, in a posture of mulling things over. It’s just that the smiling expression at the corner of his mouth seemed even more eerie and sinister.

Run? You think that just because you run fast, you can get away?

Heng, heng. Today, the two of you- all must die!!!

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  1. Ebu8b says:

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  2. verine says:

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    Seriously. -_- It would have been nice if the Spirit pinball actually worked like it should and destroyed him. Come on author, quit messing with our MC!

    Thanks for the chapters!

  4. Rikka says:

    …. i kinda wanna slap the author for this <.<
    Seriously? i mean.. seriously? you cant be serious about this…. I mean.. the first time, yea i can understand that….. second time? NO? just.. no? <.<

    and now we go back to the running main character, the helpless companion and the chasing lunatic…………………………………….

    • mherj says:

      I know right!!

      I’m expecting something to happen but… Oh well

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      Totally agreed!! I mean, Again, seriously?!? The first time, it’s all good n understandable. But second time, like, what?!? And it’s RUN for your life again?
      Same joke second time, it’s not funny anymore =_=”

      The one who got slapped in the face is not SL but me, the reader….. I mean, again, seriously????

    • June says:

      The author want to stress to the readers with spirit pinballs… Su Luo’s good luck = bad luck….Also see title for hint

      • RoflCat says:

        The author might as well name is Big Daddy Cometh.

      • Neruz says:

        I’m wondering if later on some connection to the divine dragon or something else, an innate property of her soul or whatever, will be revealed to be responsible for her absurd ‘luck’ aspect.

        Like, even with all the foreshadowing this has happened twice now. I feel like there has to be more than just random chance at hand here.

  5. Anon says:

    So dissapointing.. im going to drop it at this rate. I read to relax, not to get more mad… not that its your fault Lol. Thank you for good work. 😊 it seems i will have to raise my spirits with good old cat pictures and cake. Big cake..

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  8. admiralen says:

    Thats just plain stupid…
    Jumping up a single rank required Nangong Liuyun to meditate for god damn years, this dude gets literally forcefed power and instead of exploding or getting crippled he just auto jumped two ranks
    Makes a lot of sense…

    • Sarcze says:

      There’s a really really really really low chance of having the energy inside the spirit ball being absorbed by the target instead. I suspect that our dear little cute MC’s luck is not neccesary always being good to her, it’s just that the MC’s luck will make it so that the lowest chance will be chosen.

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      It’s a comedy, funny things happen. Get used to it. Hell, there was even a lot of buildup for the joke.

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