DKC – Chapter 672

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Chapter 672 – At the time when leaving (4)

Apothecary Leng took a glance at Su Luo and said mildly, “Seeing as he let Li Yaoyao stay by his side for half a year, it’s clear that my teacher thinks extremely highly of her. This selection of a disciple will most likely be her.”

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Li Yaoyao had the Jade Lake’s Li family at her back and was already this headstrong and impudent. If she was allowed to pay respects to Grandmaster Rong Yun as her teacher, then when the time came… Su Luo bit her lower lip, a myriad of thoughts running through her mind.

Evidently, Apothecary Leng was not very fond of Li Yaoyao. He scoffed twice, “Emperor Jing’s words have no effect on His Highness Prince Jin, but if Grandmaster Rong Yun was to issue some words for His Highness Prince Jin to marry Li Yaoyao, at that time, if His Highness Prince Jin does not agree… You’re too young, so you don’t know just how many people in this world owe a debt to my teacher.”

Moreover, those who do owe Grandmaster Rong Yun a favour, every single one of them was an elite expert in the present era. Just by stamping his feet, he could affect the region’s most important person. These words, Apothecary Leng did not say.

Originally, Su Luo had even thought that the matter of Grandmaster Rong Yun accepting a disciple had nothing to do with her. That she was merely a spectator listening to a story.

But now, hearing Apothecary Leng’s words, if Li Yaoyao really was selected, then Su Luo herself would no longer have a place to stand on this continent. Then, this will become a serious issue.

However, Su Luo, the skin between her eyebrows creased. Apothecary Leng’s persistence in swaying her to become Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple, what side was he on?

Su Luo raised her eyebrows with a smile yet not a smile: “Apothecary Leng, you are so insistent on me going to seek him as my teacher?”

“This old man just doesn’t like that Li family’s girl, that’s all.” Apothecary Leng turned his face away.

“You think I’ll be selected?” Su Luo asked seriously.

Apothecary Leng shook his head and told her the truth directly, “The chance of that girl from Li family getting selected surpasses ninety percent. Whereas for you, the odds aren’t even ten percent for you to succeed.”

Su Luo stared at him resentfully: “Then you still tell me to go seek him as my teacher, isn’t this just intentionally sending me to be cannon fodder? Or am I going to be cannon fodder for Li Yaoyao.”

“However, nothing in the world is absolute, without reaching the last moment, no one will know the result.” Apothecary Leng smiled as he looked at Su Luo, “Right now, almost everyone is against you being with His Highness Prince Jin. But, if you become my teacher’s disciple, what do those people count as?”

She could not help but say that Apothecary Leng’s last sentence had an extremely enticing ability.

Su Luo thought of Nangong Liuyun. She thought of all the effort and sacrifices he had made for the sake of their relationship. But all this time, she had always been passively receiving and never took the initiative to do anything for him.

Now, it was time for her to put in some effort.

“Alright, I promise you.” A wave of unwavering determination flashed across Su Luo’s face, “I just don’t believe that, with my innate skill of being able to refine Intermediate Spirit Restoration Pills as an Elementary Apothecary, I will lose to Li Yaoyao. She, who is only kind on the surface, but is a malicious and pretentious woman.”

Having heard that, a hint of a smile quickly flashed through Apothecary Leng’s eyes.

The two of them had talked for so long, even the tea had already cooled.

At this time, the scorching sun was in the sky. Alone, Su Xi was kneeling upright with her back straight in the courtyard.

With great difficulty, Su Xi managed to pull aside a passing servant. She wanted him to pass on a message to Apothecary Leng, but without even glancing at her, the servant walked away haughtily.

Su Xi was thoroughly depressed.

Just at this moment, Su Zian returned looking twitchy. He saw Su Xi still kneeling as before and could not help but feel somewhat angry: “Why are you still kneeling?”

The sun high in the sky was scorching. Su Xi was dizzy and faint from being in the sun. When she raised her head and saw Su Zian, she suddenly became happy, “Daddy——”

Daddy said he was going to request an imperial edict. He was gone for so long, he must have gotten the imperial edict he requested, right?

Confronted with Su Xi’s gaze that was full of expectations, a trace of embarrassment flashed across Su Zian’s eyes.

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