DKC – Chapter 662

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Chapter 662 – High Grade Celestial Spirit Water (3)

“Su Luo! Things have already reached this stage, and you still want to quibble? If it wasn’t for you insisting on being with His Highness Prince Jin, that hugely offended the Jade Lake’s Li family. Then, why would they take action against our Su Manor? You brought this disaster to Su Manor, and yet you still won’t admit to it?!” Su Zian raised his hand, wishing he could slap her.

However, fortunately, he still had a bit of reasoning left. Knowing that Su Luo’s strength was out of the ordinary, only then did he stiffly restrain his hand.

Su Luo also frowned: “What does Honorable father want to do?”

Su Zian flung his sleeves, using a tone that was intolerant of being rejected, and said: “You will go to the Jade Lake’s Li family, and apologize to the Jade Lake’s Fairy! At that time, they will naturally hand over the antidote!”

Su Luo indifferently sneered: “How could just apologizing be enough? I will still have to vow to never see His Highness Prince Jin or something like that, right?

“Su Luo! Are you saying you don’t want to go? How could you do this? He is our older brother, and it was also because of you that he became like this. You are simply too cold-blooded, too disgusting!” Su Xi! seeing that Su Luo did not even listen to what Su Zian said, rushed forth to place all the blame on Su Luo.

Su Luo cast her an apathetic glance, then her gaze firmly locked on to Su Zian: “Apart from this, are there no other methods?”

Su Zian coldly snorted: “Only if you go apologize to the Jade Lake’s Li family can we retrieve back the Celestial Spirit Water!”

“Celestial Spirit Water?” Su Luo’s expression changed slightly, as if she was extremely astonished.

“Yes, just that Celestial Spirit Water. Only Celestial Spirit Water can cure the poison in your big brother’s body!”

“But Celestial Spirit Water….” Su Luo hummed and hawed.

“Using you to exchange for Celestial Spirit Water, that is still looking up at you! Su Luo, do you even know how precious Celestial Spirit Water is? Such a huge, powerful Jade Lake’s Li family can only get one bottle in three years! A hundred you would not even make up for a single bottle! Using you to exchange for it can still be considered you profiting.” In fact, Su Xi basically did not know what Celestial Spirit Water was, she only wanted to endlessly disparage Su Luo.

Su Zian was very dissatisfied with Su Luo’s hesitant expression: “Su Luo, when conducting one’s self, you must not be so selfish! Today, you must go to the Li family, even if you don’t want to, you still have to go. Guards——”

Following immediately after Su Zian had finished speaking, two robust men, like iron towers, appeared at the doorway.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth slowly hooked into a cold sneer.

She observed what’s happening now in her space.

The little divine dragon had already woken up. He was currently soaking comfortably in the bathtub, and the water he used to bathe in was exactly the Celestial Spirit Water that these people regarded as extremely precious.

One hundred of her could not make up for a single bottle of Celestial Spirit Water? Simply too funny.

If she was to take out the Celestial Spirit Water now, and after Li Yaoyao found out, wouldn’t she be angry enough to spit out blood?

Able to make Li Yaoyao angry enough to spit out blood, this was Su Luo’s favorite thing to do.

“If I brought out Celestial Spirit Water, then I won’t have to go to the Jade Lake’s Li family, right?” Li Yaoyao was still at home, waiting for her to come kneel and beg for forgiveness. Simply too funny.

Su Zian’s eyes stared blankly. He still hasn’t spoken yet before seeing Su Xi sneer a few times: “Hmph, you said that you can take out Celestial Spirit Water? Who are you trying to deceive!”

Su Luo did not pay any attention to this clown that just jumped in, her pair of deep eyes stared fixedly at Su Zian.

Su Zian’s face remained cold, his eyes had a penetrating chilliness: “Su Luo, are you stalling for time to wait for His Highness Prince Jin? A pity, His Highness Prince Jin was sent out by His Majesty to carry out official business. No matter how long you stall, it won’t be enough time to wait until he gets back!”

Su Luo smiled faintly, from within her sleeves, she brought out a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water and tossed it at Su Zian: “It just so happens that Apothecary Leng is here, we can invite him, the wise elder, to examine if this is a real bottle of Celestial Spirit Water or not.”

Su Zian looked at the white jade porcelain bottle in his hand.

He opened the porcelain bottle and slightly sniffed the contents. Immediately. he knew this absolutely was Celestial Spirit Water.

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