DKC – Chapter 645

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Chapter 645 – Dispute in a love triangle (10)

“Su Luo! You are courting death!”

Su Zian flew into a rage out of humiliation, one hand about to slap towards Su Luo’s face.

He was the great general that protected this nation, normally, he was accustomed to strutting around. Who would dare to retort back to him? Now, this loathsome girl repeatedly put him on the spot in an awkward situation.

Su Luo waved her hand. The little divine dragon appeared on top of Su Luo’s shoulder and bit down on Su Zian’s hand.

Su Zian was frightened into jumping up, fast as lightning, his hand withdrew. Only this avoided a tragedy from taking place.

His heart still had some lingering fear as he glared at Su Luo, itching to swat her to death.

But Su Luo merely stood there indifferently, with expression as tranquil as water: “Honorable father, in the end, what did you want to do?”

Listening to his intent, it didn’t seem as if he wanted to completely have her and Nangong Liuyun break up.

Su Zian gave a cold snort, tossed his sleeves and turned his body around: “You are Su Zian’s daughter, how could I treat you unfairly?”

Su Luo smiled secretly in her heart.

Not treating her unfairly? This was too difficult to say.

One could only see Su Zian snort coldly: “It’s merely that Jade Lake Palace had always taken part in an alliance with Eastern Ling empire as a peaceful nation that coexisted. If it was because of you, loathsome girl, that causes the alliance to collapse, you would be the person condemned by history! The beautiful woman that brought calamity to the nation!”

Person condemned by history? Beautiful woman that brought calamity to the nation? Such huge criminal charges, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth maintained her cold, indifferent smile.

Su Zian had his back to Su Luo, therefore, he didn’t see the mocking expression on her face. He still continued to pompously say: “This father has already apologized on your behalf to His Majesty. Fortunately, His Majesty was magnanimous and merciful. He didn’t overly blame you.”

That Emperor Jing being magnanimous and merciful? Maybe he was itching to send people to finish her off with one slice to resolve his hate, right? Su Luo coldy snorted in her heart.

Having spread out so many covers, Su Zian finally got to the main topic: “This father originally thought to separate you from His Highness Prince Jin, but His Majesty was kind. He decided to let you marry His Highness Prince Jin with the status of a concubine at the same time as he marries the Jade Lake fairy.”

“The status of a concubine?” Su Luo’s pair of ice-cold eyes, like waves, flickered. The corner of her mouth hooked into a smile that was not quite a smiling intent, “Was this the great idea that you guys came up with?”

“This is the best method!” Su Zian pointed at Su Luo, his appearance unprecedentedly solemn, “If you still have other ideas, don’t blame this father for being merciless and cruel!”

“What? Is father afraid that Jade Lake Palace, because of Li Yaoyao’s matter, would take out their anger on Su Manor? As a result, the cowardly you would rather use both hands to deliver His Highness Prince Jin, this son-in-law, to the Jade Lake Palace?” The smile on Su Luo’s face became increasingly more brilliant. However, her pitch-black eyes had an indescribable frost and lack of regard.

Having Su Luo speak directly to the heart of the matter, Su Zian’s old, brazen face suddenly became frost. He simply stopped trying to cover it up and directly gave a sneering sound, “Do you really believe that His Highness Prince Jin would choose you and not the Jade Lake’s fairy? He merely had a falling out with the Jade Lake’s fairy, wait until they reconcile, where would there be a place for you to stand? Able to marry His Highness Prince Jin as a concubine, is already your biggest fortune! Su Luo, you should be content with this situation!”

Su Zian’s words undoubtedly were sharp and unkind, moreover, it did not show mercy or spare her embarrassment.

If the Su Luo now was still the same Su Luo from before. If Su Luo didn’t know that Su Zian was not her actual biological father, perhaps, she would have been sad and depressed.

But, it just so happened that the her right now was already not that timid and weak Su Luo from before!

Su Luo lifted up her head and coldly watched Su Zian, her pitch-black pupils could nearly illuminate Su Zian’s face: “Since it’s like this, then you just wait and see. When the time comes, see who is the person who will be married to Nangong Liuyun!”

Li Yaoyao, in pursuit of wanting to be married to Nangong Liuyun, what other methods wouldn’t you use? Su Luo coldly smiled in her heart.

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