DKC – Chapter 643

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Chapter 643 – Dispute in a love triangle (8)

Nangong Liuyun coldly smiled: “Miss Li, this king is not familiar with you and never had a sister apprentice like you. In the future, when you address me, please pay some attention to how you call me.”

He…How could he be like this! Being treated like this by the man she loved the most, the Jade Lake’s fairy was in despair and also furious at the same time. Her entire body was trembling slightly.

Nangong Liuyun swayed his and Su Luo’s hands that were linked by their ten fingers back and forth. His gaze inspected their surroundings once, his ice-cold tone ringing out: “Everyone saw it clearly, this is the real future Princess Jin. If there are people that dare to admit this under false pretences, they will have to take responsibility for the consequences!”

Once these words were said, everyone was in an uproar. The Jade Lake’s fairy’s figure began to tremble even more violently.

Afterwards, Nangong Liuyun didn’t even glance at her, pulling along Su Luo, he immediately turned to leave.

Among the crowd, everyone was all holding their breath with rapt attention. They didn’t even dare to breathe.

If His Highness Prince Jin was really to flip out, all of them were not enough for him to kill in one move.

The originally noisy, vast crowd, at this moment, was as quiet as the night. The wind blowing with the sounds of leaves falling could be heard clearly.

The throng of people, very quickly separated out, revealing a wide strip of pavement.

Nangong Liuyun leaped up and mounted the horse. He was sitting on the horse’s back and leaned over to pull Su Luo up on the horse’s back.

The proud and pampered Dragon Scaled horse scattered open all four hooves, stirring up a lot of dust from the ground, galloped quickly and left.

Only leaving behind the rear view that was clear, cold and noble.


Only now did everyone exhale out that turbid air in their throats.

The male lead for this incident had already left, therefore, everyone’s line of sight, as a matter of course. landed upon the Jade Lake’s fairy’s body.

The originally pure, cold and noble fairy, now, the fairy seemed battered and exhausted…this contrast was really too great ah.

Moreover, everyone was all curious, the Jade Lake’s fairy’s noble and icily arrogant temper, would really disregard everything to hug His Highness Prince Jin?

Everyone was doubtful and puzzled, Su Luo also could not resolve this puzzle after much thought.

Nangong Liuyun sat behind Su Luo’s body, both hands encircled around her waist and holding the reins. His warm breath was being released by her ear.

He also deliberately leaned in close, pretending to be nonchalant while stealthily nipping at her earlobe.

Su Luo glanced back, exasperatedly casting him a glance.

“In broad daylight on the main street, can you be a little more well-behaved, okay?”

Nangong Liuyun felt rather regretful: “Let’s find a place with no one around, then this king can be affectionate and intimate with you once again?”

“Why are your thoughts so dirty? And you are still His Highness Prince Jin ah.” Su Luo disdainfully said to him.

“His Highness Prince Jin is also a man. Being a male, his blood vessels will become vigorous and extend because of the woman he loves.”

Su Luo felt that if she continued with this topic, it would become dangerous, and her beautiful gaze moved with a bright idea, then said: “Oh that’s right, before, what did you say to Li Yaoyao? Making it so that she didn’t even want her own self-respect, and appealed to you in public?”

In theory, using common sense, with the Jade Lake fairy’s respectability, no matter how infatuated she was with Nangong Liuyun, she still wouldn’t do something like this.

After all, in that kind of environment, the Jade Lake’s fairy didn’t just represent only herself. She also represented the Jade Lake Palace.

Nangong Liuyun’s water caltrop-shaped lips hooked up, expelling a warm breath by the side of Su Luo’s sensitive ear, “Are you very curious?”

His voice carried a trace of natural charm, making a person’s heart feel as if thousands of larvae were crawling pass, silky, numbing and tickling.

“Are you going to say it or not?” Su Luo reached out with her hands to stop him by holding onto his waist.

It was rare to see this little appearance of Su Luo pouting playfully, so Nangong Liuyun’s mood was extremely good. With a philanderer’s gaze, he looked at her cheeks that were bright and clean like jade, this time, he arrogantly and lovably said: “Want to know, then you must give this king a kiss.”

This old cheap trick again, still hadn’t changed to a new one.

Su Luo slanted her body to give his lips a kiss: “Alright now?”

“Barely adequate.” Nangong Liuyun complacently humped twice, “Actually this king only said one sentence to her.”

“What sentence?” Su Luo asked.

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