DKC – Chapter 637

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Chapter 637 – Dispute in a love triangle (2)

“You should just stop worrying, go back into the room and stay there properly.” Su Luo pointed to inside the room.

“I wouldn’t be able to stay still inside, only, what should we do?” Lu Luo anxiously paced around inside the room. Suddenly, she clapped her hands, “ That’s right, His Highness Prince Jin! As long as His Highness Prince Jin’s heart leans toward Miss, then he definitely won’t be snatched away!”

Su Luo cast a laughing glance at this impetuous servant girl, “As for Nangong Liuyun? These few days, he hasn’t dropped by.”

Lu Luo’s complexion suddenly turned pale: “His Highness Prince Jin, he, he….will not be like that! He treats the Miss really well, how could he change after seeing someone different? Even if all the men under the heavens would change after seeing someone different, His Highness Prince Jin wouldn’t.”

“Oh? How do you know?” Su Luo smiled lightly.

“Isn’t this clearly a matter of fact.” Lu Luo earnestly analysed it for Su Luo, “Before, this servant was worried so much that I became muddled. In fact, you see here, hehe, before, did his Highness Prince Jin ever like another young lady? Ever give them a good expression? Take the initiative to stick to them? Also, with that kind of soft and tender expression, a spoiling manner….he never did, right?”

Su Luo smilingly watched her.

Lu Luo continued to give Su Luo her analysis: “However, all of these, His Highness Prince Jin did it all with Miss. This clearly illustrates that Miss is the most special existence in His Highness Prince Jin’s heart! What does that Jade Lake’s fairy count as? Let her stay on the side!”

Su Luo watched this girl and couldn’t help but smile slightly, she put the book aside and carelessly said; “They, however, are childhood sweethearts, who knows…. Oh, that’s right, I heard that the Jade Lake’s fairy will enter the city today, right?”

“Yeah!” Lu Luo solemnly nodded.

Within the capital, for many days, this day had been spread around like crazy. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the Jade Lake’s fairy’s real appearance. Now, for sure, the entire city would have turned up. Lu Luo also wanted to see what the Miss’s love rival really looked like.

“Let’s go.” Su Luo tossed the book to Lu Luo and smoothed down the non-existent wrinkles on her skirt.

“Where to?” Lu Luo felt it was quite odd, when the Miss went out, she had never brought her along. Today was the first time that this had ever happened.

“Go join in the fun.” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into an enigmatic smile.

Not only did Lu Luo want to see the Jade Lake’s fairy, Su Luo also wanted to see her.

She wanted to see, Nangong Liuyun and the Jade Lake’s fairy’s meeting, ought to be what kind of spectacle? Really made a person look forward to it with expectations.

Today’s capital seemed more lively and bustling than the former days.

Inside the city, the streets were scrubbed three times, and every house was draped in red silk as a sign of honor. It was overflowing with lights and vibrant colors for the sake of only welcoming one person.

Now, it was already noon, the autumn sun shone brightly and was mildly warm.

Both sides of the streets were already full of people, mountains and oceans deep. Everyone stood on tiptoes to peer over the crowd, only trying to catch a glimpse of that elegant fairy.

That person was precisely Jade Lake Li family’s little princess——The Jade Lake’s fairy.

The Capital’s most busting Fullmoon brothel, in a private room on the second floor.

Su Luo was dressed up as a male, wearing a white-colored robe, that danced elegantly in the wind. Delicate, pretty, neat and smart, with an extraordinary temperament.

Lu Luo was in a simple light blue robe dressed as a student, now, she was attending to her on the side, boiling water and pouring tea for Su Luo.

A faint sound could be heard coming from outside of the rolled-up curtain.

“I heard that the Jade Lake’s fairy is goddess-like and devastatingly beautiful, she is the number one beauty in Eastern Ling empire. Simply unforgettable after one glance.”

“Beautiful, that beauty is naturally one that will shake one to the core, the most important thing is temperament! That pureness and coldness is like a snow lotus in an iceberg, noble and unsullied temperament, ah! I heard even His Highness Prince Jin is mesmerized to the point of being head over heels in love.”

“Is this really true? Even His Highness Prince Jin is captivated by her? That is what kind of beauty ah.” Everyone simultaneously cried out in surprise.

“How could this little princess from the Jade Lake Palace be someone us ordinary folks can easily see? Today’s opportunity is hard to come by. In the future, if you still want to get a glimpse of the Jade Lake’s fairy, then it would certainly be difficult.”

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