DKC – Chapter 632

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Chapter 632 – Treasure Storage Pavilion (6)

But she clearly had the space element, should she……

Su Luo’s gaze swept around the surroundings once.

Suddenly, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised into a smile.

No, she would take the things out openly like this. Even if others were to know, then what?

After all, it was from Emperor Jing to compensate her on behalf of the Crown Prince, she had no qualms about taking it.

If Emperor Jing was infuriated to death, then let him die of anger. It’s just perfect if he died from being enraged.

Su Luo directly took those three things and went out.

Su Luo didn’t know, precisely because of this notion of hers, which allowed her ensuing days to have fewer twists and turns.

Because Nangong Yu knew Su Luo had entered the inside room of the pavilion. In addition, the news of the inside room of the pavilion having lost three treasures would very quickly spread out.

Therefore, if Su Luo had placed the three spirit treasures in her space, then it would very easily raise Nangong Yu’s suspicions.

Once he spread this news out, Su Luo would not have any peaceful days afterwards.

Su Luo was totally unaware that she had unintentionally escaped a calamity. At this moment, she was holding the spirit treasures and standing in the teleportation array.

A burst of black rays of light flashed through her eyes, and Su Luo was already standing at the large doorway.

Facing her was the extremely unsightly face of Nangong Yu.

Nangong Yu’s eyes flickered with chilliness, rigidly staring at Su Luo with an ice-cold expression, probingly sizing her up.

Being stared at with this kind of expression, Su Luo had a feeling of being watched closely by a poisonous snake.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose into an indifferent smile: “Could Elder Nangong have an objection to me?”

What Nangong Yu couldn’t understand at all, was how she escaped that calamity. He stared blankly, his indifferent voice carrying a certain tone: “You entered the most valuable treasure pavilion.”

Su Luo’s figure slightly paused.

Nangong Yu actually knew? Could it be that there was also some kind of monitoring device or such inside?

Then, when the little divine dragon had appeared out of thin air, wouldn’t it be……

A sliver of icy-coldness flashed through Su Luo’s heart, but her face was calm and collected, unperturbed like water, as she said, “Elder Nangong even knew of this?”

“How did you enter?” These words that Nangong Yu said made Su Luo feel relieved.

Since Nangong Yu hadn’t seen how she entered the most valuable treasure pavilion, then, he naturally wouldn’t know about the matter of her body containing the space element.

Su Luo indifferently showed a shallow smile: “Why is Elder Nangong’s complexion so unsightly? Could it be that I shouldn’t have entered that place?”

Su Luo didn’t answer his question, rather, she had changed the topic.

Nangong Yu’s complexion was bad, his sinister gaze stared fixedly at the three spirit treasures Su Luo was holding.

“Don’t tell me that I really shouldn’t have entered? Could it be that the treasures I brought out from there does not count?” Su Luo used retreat to advance while smiling happily and asked.

If she truly couldn’t take it away, Nangong Yu would have immediately snatched away her spirit treasures, wherefore would he waste so much nonsense talk with her?

Su Luo obviously knew where she stood, this was called having gotten some benefit and still flaunting it.

Nangong Yu’s heart was full of anger, the fists at his side were firmly clenched.

Although he didn’t know how this loathsome girl could come out safety after entering. However, that mechanism on the wall was secretly lowered by him to the lowest level, so as to get this loathsome girl to dig her own grave.

But, at present…… Not only hadn’t it killed this loathsome girl, instead, he even let her have a rather plentiful harvest. This was called couldn’t steal a chicken but instead even handed out some rice.

Seeing that Nangong Yu’s complexion was between greenish-black and red, a sense of danger flashed through Su Luo’s heart.

The surroundings had bands of extremely strong spirit aura, clearly concealing countless experts from the Nangong family.

These people does not have even a little bit of friendship to her, if Nangong Yu moved against her at this moment, then……

Just when Nangong Yu’s finger was about to move slightly, Su Luo suddenly smiled, loudly asking: “Where is Nangong Liuyun? How come he still hasn’t come out yet?”

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