DKC – Chapter 624

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Chapter 624 – Nangong flipped out (7)

“Why?” Su Luo glared at him, not accepting.

“Because Nangong Liuyun is already engaged! Therefore, he absolutely will not marry you! In the future, you should not try to wrap yourself around second child! Otherwise, we, the Emperor, will not be polite to you!” Emperor Jing’s tone was indescribably firm.

Nangong Liuyun was already engaged?

This sentence was similar to a bomb thrown into the sea, immediately causing a burst of tempestuous waves.

The veins on Nangong Liuyun’s forehead jumped out, his complexion hazy like an approaching storm.

Coldly staring at Emperor Jing, he closed in on the Emperor step by step, stressing each word, and said. “Say it again.”

Being stared at by that bloodthirsty gaze of his, a indescribable fear appeared in Emperor Jing’s heart.

His heart suddenly had an unknown type of fright, therefore, he subconsciously retreated, then retreated again….

“If you have the ability, say it again!” Nangong Liuyun, with one move, grabbed him by the collar.

Emperor Jing completely didn’t expect that following after the Empress, this second child would dare to even move against him!

He, the stately, majestic Emperor, at this moment, his collar was actually being grabbed by someone!

Also, because of exactly this, that touch of fear in his heart dispersed and was replaced by fury.

One could only see the Emperor smiled coldly: “Yesterday, Father Emperor had already agreed to a marriage for you. Therefore, you don’t have to trouble yourself over it.”

Su Luo frowned slightly: “Li Yaoyao?”

Emperor Jing’s indignant gaze swept towards Su Luo and coldly smiled: “You actually guessed it.”

“Rescind the marriage!” Nangong Liuyun lifted Emperor Jing to the front of a table, took out a brush already dipped in ink, and handed it over to him, “Immediately write the document to rescind the marriage.”

Nangong Liuyun’s strength was great, and Emperor Jing’s hands were pinched until they became extremely painful by him. Exactly because of this, the fury in his heart flourished even more.

“The has marriage already been decided, there is no backing out.” Emperor Jing looked at him with a cold smile, “If you want the Nangong family to withdraw from the royal lineage, then break off this promise of marriage. When the time comes, then you will be the family’s sinner. In the end, when you go to the underworld, see how you will face the ancestors that established the Nangong family!”

Emperor Jing was taking this huge country with ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains to press down on Nangong Liuyun’s body, forcing him with no other choice but to compromise.

However, very clearly, he had underestimated this son’s stubbornness.

“Ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains? Haha, you care, but I certainly don’t care about it.” Nangong Liuyun, with a fierce appearance, laughed evilly as he looked at Emperor Jing who was rigidly fixed to the spot from hearing this short sentence.

“You—— you, this unfilial son!” Emperor Jing was so furious that he shouted out loud.

Nangong Liuyun calmly and composedly pointed at the Crown Prince: “If I really care about the position of Emperor, you think this stupid and incompetent Crown Prince would be able to live till now?”

Emperor Jing was immediately stumped for words, his body swayed and was unable to control himself as he recoiled by two steps.

He originally believed he could threaten Nangong Liuyun with this trump card, but unexpectedly, it doesn’t have the slightest use on him, because he absolutely did not care.

And at this moment, the Crown Prince who was mentioned almost jumped up.

“Nangong Liuyun, who are you calling stupid and incompetent? Who are you calling that!” The Crown Prince practically demanded, having been infuriated.

Having grown up till now, there still wasn’t anyone who dared to speak this in his presence. But now, Nangong Liuyun showed no quarter as he cursed him out as stupid and incompetent.

“If you aren’t stupid, is it possible for you to owe such a huge debt that you couldn’t pay even in this lifetime?” Su Luo in annoyance rolled her eyes at him, ”A noble person has self-knowledge, Your Highness the Crown Prince, it’s still better for you to take a breather. Nangong will not fight over the position of Crown Prince with you.”

“Because he simply feels that it’s not worth doing!” Su Luo, in the dark, added another twisted-with-a-knife-like words.

“You—— what does a loathsome girl like you understand!” The Crown Prince wanted to curse her, but found himself without the words, because everything this girl said was true, he couldn’t refute it.

“What don’t I understand? However, can your Highness the Crown Prince pay back the green-colored crystal stones you still owe me?”

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