DKC – Chapter 619

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Chapter 619 – Nangong flipped out (2)

Emperor Jing looked at these two siblings, helplessly sighed, then fell back into his seat.

Momentarily, the inside of the imperial study became quiet.

Right now, inside the side chamber, the Empress was glaring rigidly at Su Luo, wishing she could bore a hole through her face by glaring.

She never expected that this loathsome girl would actually shout it out loud, wasn’t this the same as letting everybody know that she, as the righteous and grand Empress, was relying on force to bully others?

The Empress inhaled deeply and glared coldly at Su Luo: “Su Luo! You have a lot of guts!”

Su Luo opened wide her pair of perplexed and innocent eyes: “What did I do wrong?”

The Empress was already angry, after seeing Su Luo’s pretend innocent expression, she became even more furious.

“I order you to shut up!” the Empress angrily said in a low voice!

“Oh.” Su Luo very cleverly and seemingly obediently shut up, and once more, her eyes lowered.

“It seems that you are unwilling?” the Empress calmed down. She was also not a fool, and immediately understood after a little thought.

“This official’s daughter does not understand the Empress’s meaning.” Su Luo responded ambiguously.

The Empress suddenly smiled coldly as she stared at Su Luo strangely.

However, Su Luo remained calm and composed, serenely, she let the empress look. In the end, she even grinned at the empress.

The Empress felt her chest become stifled.

These kinds of psychological tactics, she, who always had the upper hand due to her high position, was ever-victorious. However, in front of this loathsome girl, it had lost its effectiveness.

The Empress coldly laughed: “Su Luo, you are very self-confident. Let this Empress guess where your self-confidence truly came from.”

“I’d like to hear the details.” Su Luo was using words to lure the Empress who kept evading the main point, Su Luo’s heart was rather dissatisfied.

Before seeing the Empress’s performance, Su Luo had thought that her life experiences made her really good.

“It must be Nangong Liuyun, then? You thought that if you curry favor with him, then everything would be unhindered, right?” The Empress leisurely and comfortably played around with the white jade ring on her thumb, the corner of her mouth curving up into a smirk.

Su Luo remained silent, unspeaking. She had always known that relying on a mountain, it would collapse, relying on people, they would run away, the most reliable thing was still herself. Therefore, no matter how good Nangong Liuyun treated her, she would never let go of pursuing to the pinnacle of martial arts.

The Empress saw her remaining silent and believed that she had tacitly agreed. Immediately, her heart was somewhat excited, but her face remained cold as she snorted: “No matter how good Nangong Liuyun treats you, in the end, you will be no more than a concubine who could not be brought out!”

Was the Empress trying to drive a wedge between them? Su Luo thought this was very funny, however, her expression cooperated with what the Empress said, looking bewildered.

The Empress was very satisfied with Su Luo’s response and cast an enigmatic glance at her: “Have you ever heard of Jade Lake’s Li family?”

The Jade Lake’s fairy? This name was on the verge of popping out. Su Luo slightly frowned, looking at the Empress.

As expected, the Empress coldly laughed: “Li Yaoyao, this name you may not know, but you should already know about the Jade Lake’s fairy, right?”

“Yes, I know.” Su Luo nodded.

Not only did she know, but they had also secretly exchanged blows a few times.

The Empress carelessly watched her and coldly smiled: “Then, this matter of Li Yaoyao and Nangong Liuyun’s having an engagement agreement, are you aware of this?”

Engagement agreement? Su Luo’s eyes squinted, her heart becoming sour.

Su Luo’s beautiful eyes stared at the Empress, her voice smooth and unperturbed: “Empress, why are you trying to sow dissension? Whether Nangong Liuyun is engaged or not, how could he not know himself?

Unexpectedly, the Empress started to coldly laugh: “A major event such as a marriage is always decided by the parents, why would he need to know? Even if he knew, you think that he would have told you?”

Just when Su Luo frowned, the Empress continued: “Of course, this matter has not yet been publicized, there is still time to prevent it.”

Su Luo looked at the Empress.

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