DKC – Chapter 600

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Chapter 600 – The Crown Prince suffers a calamity (8)

Lu Luo carried in some fresh water for Su Luo to freshen up, placed the copper basin on stand for the wash basin, then smiling, said to Su Luo: “ Miss you are really fortunate, His Highness Prince Jin treats you really well.”

Su Luo yawned while stretching and stepped into the handmade, soft indoor slippers and walked out.

“Nangong Liuyun? What did he do again?” Su Luo held the teacup in one hand and was brushing her teeth with the other hand.

The white toothpaste bubbled forth from the brushing and was smeared over nearly half of her face.

The words she said was also unclear, but even if Lu Luo was blindly guessing, she was able to guess what was said.

“His Highness Prince Jin was afraid that you are not used to eating the breakfast in the manor, so he had already sent it over early in the morning.” Seeing Su Luo had an unconcerned expression on her face, Lu Luo emphasized with a tone that was excited and in high spirits, “Miss, he did not send someone else to bring it, rather, His Highness Prince Jin personally brought it over! Personally ah!”

Even now, Lu Luo still had a feeling that this was a lifetime ago.

His Highness Prince Jin ah…Originally, how much of an unattainable, famous person was he? As far as they were concerned, he was like the gods from the ninth layer of heaven. The kind that even if they were to look at from a distance, they still wouldn’t be able to see.

His Highness Prince Jin was how proud, aloof and noble-born of a person, but the normally icily arrogant him would go as far as to get off his high horse and deliberately curry favor with the Miss.

It was unknown from when this started, that he had become a frequent visitor at Su Manor. Now, he had personally come to deliver breakfast for the Miss…Even thinking about it, it still feel inconceivable.

Compared to Lu Luo’s excited mood, Su Luo was more calm as she casually nodded her head.

Lu Luo became anxious. “Miss, this is His Highness Prince Jin ah, you should at least attach more importance to this ah….”

Sometimes, Lu Luo was really worried on behalf of her Miss.

His Highness Prince Jin dispensed with his haughtiness and lowered himself to act like a servant, doing her bidding, and she still acted as if this was proper and expected. This, this, if other family’s young women were to know of this, wouldn’t they go insane from jealousy?

Su Luo waved her hands in annoyance, saying in an objecting tone: “Isn’t it just breakfast? What’s so important about it? You guys are just too cautious.”

In the modern age, when a man chased after a woman, delivering her breakfast, wasn’t that a normal thing? Furthermore, the boys carrying the breakfast would arrive earlier to wait downstairs in front of the girl’s dormitory.

Nangong Liuyun had merely delivered it once, why was it that the people around her were excited to this degree? Really incomprehensible, Su Luo brushed her teeth while shaking her head.

Lu Luo, having heard what was said, nearly fell from being stunned.

His Highness Prince Jin seldom would so painstakingly curry favor with someone, she…..alas. Recalling just now the dialog she heard between Ling Feng and His Highness Prince Jin at the gate, she sighed frankly and shook her head.

Just now, Ling Feng had wanted to help His Highness Prince Jin carry the food box. Unexpectedly, His Highness had actually shot him a harsh sideway glance: “Spill it, can you compensate for the loss?”

Ling Feng become twisted into chaos on the spot.

He, as the grand, sixth-ranked martial artist, how could he carry a food box until it spilled? Was he being taken as useless material?

“Your Highness, you being like this…isn’t it being too spoiling towards Miss Su?” Ling Feng scratched his head, muttering to himself for a long time before he finally weakly asked.

He really cherished the memory of that unfeeling, ice-like His Highness Prince Jin that regarded women as nothing. That kind of His Highness Prince Jin was a real man; the him right now…was simply what they called a handsome man with tender sentiments. No matter how he thought of this, he couldn’t get used to it.

Who would have thought that His Highness Prince Jin didn’t even bother to cast him a glance, arrogantly raising an eyebrow: “This is still far from enough.”

“Then, what to do will be enough?” Truthfully, Ling Feng was finally frightened. This was still not enough, then what more did she want? His heart nearly couldn’t bear it anymore, okay?

Nangong Liuyun held his chin, half-muttering to himself: “At least until she can’t find another person that treats her as well as this king, even if she searched the heavens and the earth. This way, she will stay by this king’s side obediently and not run all over the place.”

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