DKC – Chapter 592

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Chapter 592 – The secret to her background (6)

There were sounds of shouting, cries of pain, and the fierce whinny of horses everywhere. It was simply a chaotic mess.

Just because of that person from the Crown Prince’s manor charging through violently, it led to this entirely extremely chaotic situation.

Now, the soldiers for the city defense rapidly rushed out, breaking into the crowd to control the horses.

However, how could startled horses be so easily controlled? Momentarily, it was another scene of chaos.

Nangong Liuyun was hugging Su Luo, making fun of her as he asked: “Luo girl likes to watch this kind of drama?”

Then, to get her to smile, it wouldn’t be that difficult.

Su Luo glared at him in annoyance.

Really expecting this man to be the Savior kind of figure to descend and save the entire humanity sort of thing, sure enough, it was not as good as expecting to depend on herself.

“Why are you looking at this king like that?” Nangong Liuyun touched his extremely handsome face and asked in puzzlement.

“Because you look good.” Su Luo glared at him in vexation.

“As long as you like it, it is good.” Nangong Liuyun smiled from ear to ear.

“If I don’t like it, then?” Su Luo smilingly looked at him.

“If you don’t like it…then, it’s fine not to want this face. Then I will just pester and annoy you until you must marry me.” Nangong Liuyun said with immense satisfaction. Anyway, no matter how she said it, he was always able to take small advantages of it.

His brain works really well, Su Luo’s lips curled up. She simply didn’t feel like talking to him anymore, her gaze once again returning to that chaotic scene.

The carriage that caused this incidence from the Crown Prince’s Manor also did not end up well.

In this kind of chaotic scene, those several horses were also startled.

Those horses from the Crown Prince’s manor were all selected very carefully, everyone of them were the cream of the crop, excellent and eye-catching.

Naturally, their fighting strength was the best.

As a result, when the horses were mixed together in the chaos, the four horses pulling this carriage were not united as they moved in two different directions.

The consequence of this kind of thing was that the entire carriage became unstable, crooked to the east and falling to the west over and over.

The coachman’s heart was greatly alarmed, ruthlessly flinging the horsewhip in his hand.

But it was useless.

Those four horses didn’t even bother to take notice of him, opening their hooves and dashing forward in all directions.

in the confusion, it crooked to the east and fell to the west, that arrogant and despotic coachman unceasingly whipped the people around him.

“Get lost, get lost, get lost——Do you guys know who is sitting inside? If injured, one hundred of your heads is not sufficient enough to cut down. Get lost immediately! Don’t block the way!”

The coachman whipped while cursing in rage.

His manner was still as unbridled and vile as before, but you could hear that his tone seemed to be utterly discomfited and he was about to lose his mind out of fear.

This action of his once again caused a wave of disturbance in the surroundings, the scene appeared extremely confusing.

Because the horse carriage was from the Crown Prince’s Manor the soldiers from the city defence might be angry but wouldn’t dare to speak. The only thing they could do was to hurry those horse carriages to the side of the road.

But because of the chaotic scene, not only were they of no use, instead, this caused the soldiers from the city defense who were everywhere to be injured.

Seeing the constantly-howling-in-grief crowd that was also crying out in pain, those ordinary citizens that was stepped on by the horses non-stop, a thread of fury flashed across Su Luo’s eyes.

She found that if it continued like this.

This scene originally had no such absurd disaster. All of these people were dragged in by the servant from the Crown Prince’s Manor.

Su Luo glared at the horse carriage from the Crown Prince’s Manor, a chill flashed through her eyes.

But now, the most important thing was to appease the startled horses.

Thus, Su Luo quietly approached the Dragon Scaled horse, and softly muttered a few words at its ear.

The Dragon Scaled Horse was more cooperative and prone to take the initiative to Su Luo’s requests than Nangong Liuyun. Met with Su Luo’s instructions, it mulled over once, breathing deeply, it whinnied towards the crowd with a sound that jolted the sky.

Once the Dragon Scaled Horse came out, those young colts seemed to have found a pillar. Each and every one of them immediately calmed down. They issued low volume whinnying sounds and they had frightened looks on their faces.

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