DKC – Chapter 560

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Chapter 560 – Relationship Crisis (6)

She had continuously thought over yesterday’s matter.

Nangong Liuyun’s strong self-mockery and his aggrieved pair of star-like eyes. She couldn’t wave it away from her mind.

It caused Su Luo to feel guilty about yesterday’s matter all along, only, she simply could not lower her face to go find Nangong Liuyun to apologize. Therefore, this matter continued to be a deadlock.

Didn’t know how long had passed, all of a sudden, the urgent sound of footsteps came from outside the door.

“The Venerable Beichen, this is the Miss’s boudoir, you can’t go in—” Outside was the sound of Nanny Sao Sa’s voice, trying to stop him.

But the sound of those footsteps didn’t seem to have paused, rapidly rushing towards Su Luo’s boudoir.

The hanging curtain at the door was lifted open, and Beichen Ying’s anxious face entered Su Luo’s sight.

“Sister-in-law, quickly come with me!” Beichen Ying anxiously pulled at Su Luo.

Su Luo’s heart dropped with a ‘thump’ sound, an indistinct bad premonition appeared.

“Has Nangong Liuyun met with a mishap?” Now, Su Luo could clearly hear her own heart beating.

“Ba dump, ba dump——” It was violent and clear.

At this moment, she clearly realized that she was nervous for and cared about Nangong Liuyun.

“Yes, Second Brother met with a mishap, I will tell you slowly on the way there, let us go quickly!” Beichen Ying’s tone was fretful and impatient.

“Good, I will go with you right now.” Su Luo’s body was only covered in a plain white dress. There was no time to change clothes, and she rushed away, following Beichen Ying.

“Miss…” Lu Luo had just brought Su Luo a bowl of white fungus lotus seed soup, she lifted her head to see Su Luo walking away like a gust of wind.

The inside of the carriage was quiet.

Quiet for a long time, Beichen Ying was still the first to open his mouth because he could not remain calm any longer, “Yesterday, many thanks to Sister-in-law’s gift.”

“Those were originally what you guys deserve.” Su Luo’s tone was serene, yesterday’s matter made her heart ache. Unless it was essential, she really didn’t want to have it mentioned.


Since Beichen Ying still had the inclination to gossip with her, it was proof that Nangong Liuyun’s matter still hadn’t reached the urgent, dangerous degree.

Therefore, her heart that was tightly clenched also slowly relaxed.

Beichen Ying just shook his head, that pair of pretty, limpid, huge eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo: “Do you know, after cutting open those source stones, what was inside them?”

“What’s inside?” Su Luo pretended she did not care and asked. In fact, what was inside, how could Su Luo not know?

“Within every source stone, it all contained a crystal stone! It was every single source stone!” Beichen Ying shook his head in disbelief, in a split second, his expression carried some excitement, “Sister-in-law, how did you accomplish this? This thing is completely impossible to occur!”

Like Beichen, this kind of influential family, the family naturally supported quite a few masters at gambling on stones. The crystal stones they won in the gamble would be provided to the family’s disciples to use for cultivation.

But Beichen Ying, from childhood to now, had never seen Su Luo’s kind of mystical existence.

He firmly believed there was no way for her to cheat, because he provided the source stones. Moreover, at the time, all the cutting of the source stones occurred in front of their eyes.

Su Luo’s blindly grabbing at the source stones, but every piece, that was right, every piece of source stone all contained a crystal stone inside. Moreover, it was all high grade crystal stones!

Could it be said that little Luo Luo’s eyes could see through the matchlessly hard source stones and see the crystal stone inside?

Beichen Ying’s gaze was like looking and worshipping gods, fervently staring at Su Luo’s eyes.

However, Beichen Ying immediately tossed out his own thoughts and firmly shook his head, impossible, Su Luo’s strength was so low. No matter how much she cultivated her pair of eyes, it was impossible to succeed in cultivating to the degree of penetrating through the surface of the source stone into its heart.

It couldn’t be said, but Beichen Ying, you actually hit upon the truth, yet you tossed out the real truth again…alas.

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