DKC – Chapter 552

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Chapter 552 – Operation to divide the loot (15)

However, towards they who were the main culprits, he would absolutely not hold back….. who asked them to snatch those source stones? When the time comes, Nangong’s anger would be unleashed on their bodies.

Seeing that Beichen Ying’s facial expression was full of grief, a trace of guilt flashed through Su Luo’s heart, but this trace of guilt was quickly replaced by her feeling of excitement.

“You should be at ease, how could I possibly lose?” Su Luo patted his shoulders, expressing complete confidence in herself, “Didn’t I tell you? Inside here, all the source stones have crystal stones in them, absolutely no mistake about it. When I handle things, you should feel assured.”

However, like this, Beichen Ying felt his mood become even worse.

Because if she won, all these source stones on the ground would belong to her, they would be considered having wasted their efforts in vain. He really gave himself a difficult problem, whether it was a win or lose, he would be tangled up.

When Beichen Ying was in the middle of being full of remorse, the cutting of the source stones had begun.

The order of cutting source stones was simple, the two sides would each bring out a source stone, and it would be recorded after being cut out.

Then, the second piece, the third piece, until finally, it was done and the score accumulated.

The first piece, with regards to one’s reputation, was very important. As a result, Wang Zhongkui looked again and again, picked again and again.

Finally, he chose a piece of source stone with great difficulty, and handed it over to a master that specialized in cutting source stones to cut it open.

On Su Luo’s side, it was much simpler.

Because in her chest full of source stones, all of them had crystal stones, randomly grabbing one would result in a crystal stone.

Naturally, Wang Zhongkui selected very carefully, Su Luo, on the other hand, blindly grabbed one. Watching and comparing the two of them, Beichen Ying again shook his head non-stop.

However, the result after cutting the source stones made others feel taken aback.

Jade Lake faction: Cyan crystal stone

Beichen faction: Cyan crystal stone

At this moment, all the gazes were staring at Su luo, each and every one of them, without exception, had an unimaginable expression of disbelief.

She randomly grabbed a source stone and it contained a crystal stone. This was not much, but the most unimaginable thing was that it happened to be a cyan-colored crystal stone, which was among the high grades of crystal stone.

“It was just luck.” Su Luo said with an indifferent smile.

Everyone nodded their heads: It was indeed luck, otherwise, how could randomly grabbing one result in a cyan crystal stone’s appearance? However, this luck was rather too………….

However, the next thing that happened startled everyone until their chins all dropped to the floor.

If they say that Su Luo’s luck was good, then her luck was truly. Extremely. Good!

This was simply a rhythm that defied the natural order.

Cutting three times in a row, Su Luo’s three times were all green crystal stones, not a single empty one.

In contrast, the newly promoted King of Crystal Stones cut three times, and only cut out a single yellow crystal stone, the remaining two were waste products.

Even so, if his achievements were brought outside, the rate of two to one of getting crystal stones, that was also very good from an impartial view.

Who would have known, he would unfortunately run into Su Luo?

Four stones in a row, her stones didn’t cut out a single waste product, still resulted in a cyan crystal stone and three pieces of green crystal stone, this kind of rhythm……..

Everyone was staring at Su Luo as if looking at a ghost, they simply could not believe this was real.

If they hadn’t seen Su Luo’s appearance when choosing crystal stones, they would still barely be able to persuade themselves. But whenever they recalled Su Luo’s bandit-like appearance when picking crystal stones………

This. Was. Simply. Not. Possible!

Li Aoqiong’s complexion suddenly darkened, stiffening his back, clearly not in a very good mood.

“This is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Li Aoqiong shook his head, completely not believing this was real.

He turned and stared at Su Luo, his eyes sharp as ice blades.

He always felt that there was something fishy, but asking him to speak, he was simply unable to spit it out.

Su Luo spread out both hands, calmly and collectedly, smiled: “It’s all luck, not at all surprising.”

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