DKC – Chapter 540

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Chapter 540 – Operation to divide the loot (3)

Worthy of being called the most admirable prince, His Highness Prince Jin.

Seeing Li Yaoxiang bringing that crowd of people and leave with his own eyes, the rock in Su Zian’s heart finally fell to the ground. He released a deep breath of air.

He wiped his forehead that was full of perspiration.

Su Zian realized that he was still kneeling, and a touch of embarrassment flashed across his face. He hurriedly stood up and went to welcome Nangong Liuyun with a huge smile across his face.

“All thanks to Your Highness Prince Jin’s timely appearance, otherwise today, a great calamity will very likely fall upon Su Manor, ashamed, ashamed.” Su Zian was extremely enthusiastic and full of flattering actions.

Able to anger Li Yaoxiang until he walked away in defeat was already sufficient proof of His Highness Prince Jin’s strength. Therefore, Su Zian would fawn over His Highness Prince Jin very strongly.

But Nangong Liuyun merely used an arrogant gaze that looked down on people to cast a faint glance at him. His expression was indifferent with the corner of his lips hooked up disdainfully: “This king is not interested in Su Manor.”

An embarrassed expression flashed through Su Zian’s appearance: “Then you….” Seeing Nangong Liuyun sticking closely to Su Luo’s slender waistline, a clearly understanding smile appeared in his eyes: “This person understands, this person understands.”

Originally, he was under the impression that Su Luo was a loathsome rock that only disgraced him. He didn’t expect that in the end, she would turn out to be a piece of dazzling, crisp, green jade.

In contrast, these other sons and daughters, each and every one of them before, all seemed really good. Until now, the direction of their development was not a little bit as good as Su Luo’s.

Moreover, now, it seemed His Highness Prince Jin, because of Su Luo, would actually not hesitate to fall out with the Jade Lake Palace. It looked like he really had set his heart on this girl.

The more Su Zian thought about it the more happy he become. The gaze he used to look at Su Luo become more kind.

Being stared at by such a gaze, Su Luo was simply alarmed from the bottom of her heart.

Nangong Liuyun had a panoramic view of Su Zian’s two entirely different attitude from beginning to end. His perfect lips hooked into a water caltrop shaped demonic smile: “If this king had not appeared then would the Great General Su have sold out on Luo girl?”

“Not possible, not possible, Luo Luo is my this one’s biological daughter, how can this one do such a thing?” Su Zian directly denied.

“Then that’s good.” Nangong Liuyun pulled at Su Luo and started to walk away, after walking a few steps he again stopped, and his indifferent voice started to sound again: “From now on if this king found out someone bullied her, then the Great General Su shouldn’t blame this king to choose to disregard sentimental feelings of relationship.”

Saying this he swept a glance at Su Jingyu who kept quiet out of fear. Nangong Liuyun lead Su Luo along and took steps to leave.

Seeing that pair’s gradually departing rear view, only now did Su Zian slowly released a breath of air.

Li Yaoxiang used force to compel people but His Highness Prince Jin with just one meaningful glance and a memorable smiling expression gave him a pressure that was countess time greater than the one Li Yaoxiang gave him.

“Dad! Are you going to just let that loathsome girl leave like this?” Until His Highness Prince Jin’s figure could not be seen only then did Su Jingyu dare to sow dissension.

Su Zian did not respond in agreement to him like he did in the past, but instead directly slapped him on the head: “Moron! Don’t tell me you can’t see His Highness Prince Jin treat Su Luo in a special way? You guys remember from now on don’t provoke Su Luo again! She is not someone you guys can afford to provoke! When that moment come and something bad happens, don’t blame this father for disregarding sentiments and feelings!”

“Dad! You also realize this loathsome girl had started a feud with Li family. Li family want to kill her no matter what!” Su Jingyu’s flushed face, spoke of the matter Su Zian was trying to avoid.

Su Zian’s face had a burst of red then greenish blue.

On one side was His Highness Prince Jin.

On the other side was the Jade Lake’s Li family.

Both sides were all quite powerful, regardless of which side they climb onto, with regards to Su Manor it would be absolutely a good thing.

Su Zian already want to curry favor with His Highness Prince Jin also does not dare to have Jade Lake’s Li family as an enemy. At this moment his heart was indeed full of difficulty, wavering from left to right.

Originally his thoughts of wanting to be good to Su Luo also gradually cooled off….

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