DKC – Chapter 526

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Chapter 526 – Interrogation (2)

First, there was the one thousand and five hundred Amethyst Thorned Fishes still at the Crown Prince’s place. At present, she was a pauper, so she certainly would demand it back.

Second, was the spirit pinball that had saved her life, the Amethyst Crystal Fish that could spit out crystal stones like a hen laying eggs, and several secret martial arts books that contained profound mysteries.

Finally, drafted to the uninhabited island with barren hills, then being chased by Li Aotian who wanted to kill her. Having experienced such severe calamity, but finally able to avert disaster. Not only did she break through to the fourth rank, but she also drew out a lot of the blazes from inside the cave of flames. This served to assist her in establishing a firm foundation for the cultivation of her fire element in the future.

Now, she had even defeated Su Qing, removing the huge boulder weighing on her mind. Her mood suddenly became clear all at once, like the boundless seas and the skies.

However, her heart still had a thread of vigilance, and that was because of Su Qing’s whereabouts.

“Could it be that even you could not clearly see the situation at that time?” Su Luo frowned slightly, raising her eyes to stare at Nangong Liuyun’s handsome and clear side profile.

Her expression looked unprecedentedly perplexed and serious.

Nangong Liuyun’s expression remained the same. He slowly nodded and only said one sentence in assessment: “That was a powerful expert, for the time being, stronger than the both of us.”

“Then, it is even more troublesome.” Su Luo frowned, very puzzled, “How could Su Qing come in contact with such a powerful person? That person was also neither too early nor too late, intentionally appearing when Su Qing was about to die?”

Since the opponent was a supreme expert, why would he settle on Su Qing? Su Luo gloomily patted her head, she was truly unable to understand.

“You have a fortuitous encounter, it is not necessarily so that others won’t have their own happy encounters.” Nangon Liuyun solemnly looked at her, appearance unprecedentedly serious: “ Luo Luo, you must rapidly cultivate.”

“Is my current speed of cultivating not fast enough?” Su Luo was resentful, and also helplessly sighed: “Three months or so, and already fourth rank…..”

Placing her in the entire imperial capital, is there anybody else whose promotion speed could be compared to her? You basically couldn’t find anyone else, okay?

Not only did Nangong Liuyun not praise her, instead, he had given her a heavy pressure: “The reason why Su Qing lost to you, there are many external factors. Based on fighting alone, you are simply not her opponent, this point, do you acknowledge it or not?”

“Yes, what you said is not wrong, but a spirit pet is also a part of one’s strength.”

“Do you think that supreme expert who carried Su Qing away was only going to raise her for fun?” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of deep eyes was overbearing, “No, Su Qing would be even more hardworking than before! Moreover, her goal is to kill you!”

Su Luo’s heart was suddenly alarmed.

In fact, she was not stupid, in the depths of her mind, she did already think of this point. However, having it so bluntly pointed out by Nangong Liuyun, it sharply and ruthlessly punctured her delusions.

Nangong Liuyun once again reasoned: “That is a supreme expert, nobody can tell what kind of opportunity Su Qing will have, but the only certain thing, is that her cultivation speed will be faster than before. Luo Luo, can you feel the pressure?”

Su Luo’s complexion did not change. She faintly smiled and said: “Pressure is a driving force, who have I, Su Luo, ever been afraid of?”

Pausing for a moment, she raised her eyebrows and smilingly said again, “Others things, I still fear to compete about, but if we are comparing cultivation speed, do you think there is anyone who can win against me?”

Nangong Liuyun, having heard what she said, laughed involuntarily: “You truly are worthy of being the little princess that this king fancies. You have confidence, courage, and even a thick skin, when pinching, it feels good to the touch.”

“When comparing thickness of skin, whose could even beat yours?” Su Luo pinched his cheeks, smiling mischievously. Nangong Liuyun turned his hands to pinch her face, two people laughing together.

Two people flirting with each other, the originally serious atmosphere was quickly replaced by cheerfulness and light-headedness. The Dragon Scaled Horse quickly arrived in front of Su Manor’s gate.

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