DKC – Chapter 513

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Chapter 513 – The little divine dragon shows off his prestige (2)

Without exception, everyone made a vow, certain that Su Luo was unable to take out a dragon because that was simply an impossible thing.

But, when they could clearly see the pure white puppy that appeared on Su Luo’s sharp, slender shoulder, a lot of people felt everything darken in front of their eyes, they were almost about to spit out blood.

Couldn’t take out a dragon then forget it, but she unexpectedly….actually took out a puppy that wasn’t even weaned to make up for the number? This was simply….simply making herself a laughing stock!

Everyone present suddenly burst into fits of roaring laughter. Everyone was convulsing with laughter, every single one of them was holding their bellies, because now, their abdominal areas were already cramped from laughing.

However, Su Luo’s face carried a faint trace of a self-confident smiling expression. It was as if it was not a puppy that stood on her shoulder, but rather a real dragon, and not just in name only.

When Su Qing could see clearly the little puppy on Su Luo’s shoulder, a scornful sneer that was similar to the ones the spectators under the stage had, appeared in her eyes.

“A glowing firefly’s fire also dares to vie for the splendor with the sun and the moon? Courting death!”

“Courting death? I see the one courting death is you.” Su Luo held the little puppy that stood on her shoulder in her arms. Gently stroking his beautiful, pure white fur: “Look closely, mine is the real dragon here!”

“Hahaha——” The audience under the stage that had gradually settled down now burst into laughter.

Su Qing never would have thought that that day when she wanted to use the fierce panther to swallow Su Luo, her own contract beast would instead make a complete mess out of the entire Su Manor, With the secret manipulator behind the scenes being this little puppy that wasn’t good enough to enter her eyes.

Now, Su Qing’s eyes were filled with killing intent. In the time it took to wave her hand, a matchlessly strong spirit force converged together in the center of her palm.

“Go——” Su Qing shot out that spirit force with a wave of her hand.

At that moment, a berserk spirit force swept towards Su Luo like a frantic rain shower.

In the wake of this killing power, that Lindworm’s head looked to the sky and hissed. It vented its anger by shaking and railing up the sky. Afterwards, it turned around and launched itself wildly towards Su Luo.

Such a formidable, murderous aura!

Once this intense attack appeared, it drew a countless number of shocked gazes. Even some fifth and sixth rank experts also felt the intense oppression and deterrence.

Under this kind of deterrent pressure, they seemed to have a difficult time moving an inch, their entire body was rigid.

“Too terrifying… this dragon has a strength at least above the sixth rank, right? This time, Su Luo really is done for.”

“This is still considered a young dragon in its growing period. After growing up, it would be even more formidable! The Purple Sunflower sect really is too generous.”

“Alas, looks like this time, I will lose my life’s savings.”

“Who told you to be so greedy to insist on betting that Su Luo will win, expecting a huge upset.”

“Thus, betting one on Su Luo, you will get a hundred, whereas Su Qing, if you bet one, get one. If you want to win a fortune, naturally you will bet on Su Luo.”

“Now do you regret it? It’s too late for regrets.”

Everyone under the stage was spiritedly discussing away, it seemed to them that Su Luo, this time, would lose for sure.

After all, on Su Qing’s side, the Lindworm was participating, what could Su Luo possibly do? On her shoulder stood an ordinary puppy that even the commoner wouldn’t want to raise.

A little, fragile, tender-skinned puppy that would vanish in a puff of smoke just by a touch of dragon’s breath.

Momentarily, the gamblers that had bet on Su Luo winning all had both hands over their head, sighing away with ‘alas’. They couldn’t bear to watch the bitter scene of Su Luo on the stage, being torn to pieces by the Lindworm.

Because, that was simply too miserable…

“Roar——” The enormous body of the Lindworm arrived with a flying tackle, and directly charged towards Su Luo. It was like a hot knife through butter, scaring everyone witless.

That power carried a berserk strength, causing Su Luo’s expression to turn slightly cold.

“Dodge!” Su Luo watched that Lindworm approaching with the pressure of a mountain. Her figure was as fast as lightning, treading using the exquisite spirit dance steps, she quickly slipped to the right side.

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