DKC – Chapter 503

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Chapter 503 – The life and death agreement (2)

But because Su Luo wanted to incite Su Qing into a rage out of humiliation, she wouldn’t easily let this opportunity slip by. Su Luo carelessly asked: “Don’t tell me it really is because of Nangong Liuyun? But he has simply never even looked at you, he still doesn’t even know who you are, what qualifications do you have to be jealous?”

Su Luo’s words were unhurried and leisurely, but as far as Su Qing was concerned, every word weighted greater than five hundred kilograms full of strength, seriously wounding her.

“Su Luo, I demand you shut up!” Su Luo’s words had hit right on the mark of her most shameful and depressing matter. Immediately, Su Qing’s eyes became scarlet red, giving off red rays of light, her complexion flushed crimson.

“Don’t tell me it’s not like that? Obviously, it was you yourself who showered affections on an uninterested party, and wishfully thought that His Highness Prince Jin was interested in you. Finally, you found out it was all a misunderstanding, was made fun of and mocked. So, you vented all your anger onto me. Do you dare to deny this in front of everyone present?” Su Luo’s deep eyes rose up slightly and looked at her with a ghost of a smile.

Her words, her meaningful gaze, all carried an endless amount of mockery.

No matter how icily arrogant and nobly aloof Su Qing might appear, she was still stirred up to the brink of madness by a few sentences from Su Luo.

However, it seemed Su Luo felt it was still not enough, and she unhurriedly said: “Su Qing, you forced me to draw up the life-and-death agreement, at that time you were fourth rank, I was only third rank, hahaha, fancy that you could even open your mouth to demand this.”


The audience under the stage seemed to have woken up from a dream. Each and every one of them had their ears pointed up, listening excitedly and watching with great delight at the version of siblings mutually destroying each other in front of their eyes.

Every one of Su Luo’s sentence pressed in, and Su Qing was completely unable to deny it!

The truth…So this was the real truth of the matter!

So as it turned out, Su Qing had believed herself to be infallible and through her wishful thinking, thought the one His Highness Prince Jin fell in love with was her.

As it turned out, when Su Qing found out the truth ,she flew into a rage out of humiliation and vented her anger onto her younger sister’s body.

So it was Su Qing who forced her own younger sister, whose age and cultivation was below hers, to set up a life-and-death agreement.

Su Qing…Such a nobly proud, aloof, cold beauty, originally thought nobody would enter her eye, but as it turned out, that icily arrogant appearance was all a pretense! This kind of Su Qing was too fake!

Now, a countless number of gazes were focused like the light of a lamp, converging on Su Qing’s body. The gazes of a lot of people on Su Qing carried a strong, despising expression.

Before, how many were fond of her, there was just as many who looked down upon her now.

Under thousands of staring eyes, Su Qing’s face, in an instant, blushed a deep red.

The hands at her side could not suppress the slight trembling, clearly, she was already at the peak of her fury.

Su Luo indifferently and without affection, looked at her, the corner of her mouth hooked up slightly.

Su Qing, at that time when you forced me to set up the life-and-death agreement, you would never have thought that today, I would reveal everything and use it to very ruthlessly slap your face?

That’s right, the you who was always standing in the clouds, the you who always regarded me as an ant, how could you have foreseen this point?

But, very quickly, you would know that even an ant could counterattack against an elephant. Meanwhile, you were destined to be defeated by my hands.

Now, Su Qing’s complexion was extremely ugly, suddenly white, then green, then red, like a dish of blended colors, with many colors jumping out.

“Su Luo, since you want to court death, then I will help you accomplish this!” A murderous intent flashed through Su Qing’s cold eyes!

“A life-and-death duel, every life and death is fated through the Mandate of Heaven, and private vendettas must not be carried out afterwards.” The judge stood in the center of the stage, his ice-cold gaze sweeping towards Su Qing and Su Luo: “Today’s fight is between Su Manor’s Su Qing and Su Luo, the two people, please make your preparations.”

Seeing Su Qing and Su Luo both nodding their heads, the judge mildly said: “Since both sides have already finished their preparations, then, the fight, will begin from now!”

Not waiting for the judge’s words to fade, Su Qing gave a sinisterly fierce smile, taking quick steps to stride over as unsophisticated spirit force burst forth from her body and rushed out.

A powerful deterrent force spread out from her entire body. An inexhaustible spirit force, in a split second, surged violently towards Su Luo like a tide!

Fifth rank!

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