DKC – Chapter 409

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Chapter 409 – Secret collection room (5)

Su Luo was dumbfounded.

Nangong Liuyun stared blankly.

Beichen Ying, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming, who were rushing over wanting to save her, were also stupefied to a stop.

That huge foolish tiger saw that Su Luo didn’t respond to it and seemed to be a little unhappy. With a low voice, it snarled at Su Luo. It roared and howled, shouting randomly, as if trying to attract her attention.

Su Luo, while wiping off the sticky saliva on her face, suddenly had an urge to look up at the sky and start cursing…who had she incur the wrath of or provoked!

The huge foolish tiger thought that Su Luo really liked its affectionate gesture. With a joyous sound, it once again rushed up to Su Luo and started to lick her face with its huge tongue.

The huge foolish tiger’s figure was very big and strong, that tongue was bigger than an iron fan. A licking tongue rolled past, making Su Luo feel as if a burst of gale had blown past, and her body swayed back and forth. That fishy stench smelled so bad that she almost cried….

In the beginning, Beichen Ying was still very envious. Being able to be liked by this huge foolish tiger, wouldn’t it be such a great achievement?

After seeing Su Luo’s forced and suffering appearance, immediately, he had an expression full of extreme sympathy.

Beichen Ying movingly and tragically looked at Su Luo, as if secretly saying: in order to maintain a short period of peace, sister-in-law’s life is honestly not very easy.

Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo with her eyes tightly closed, frowning and standing there distractedly, suddenly, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. With one hand, he pulled Su Luo to him, and using the sleeves of his other hand to wipe her face, he was smiling while wiping away: “How about it? Still okay?”

After wiping her dry with great difficulty, Su Luo finally sucked in a deep breath of air, and after a while, she finally said: “At last, I can breathe! Way too trying!”

Just a moment ago, that sticky liquid was pasted all over her face, giving her a feeling of being covered in a face mask.

The huge foolish tiger’s enormous body sat in front of Su Luo, its large eyes silently and with an aggrieved expression looked at her. Its eyes also had a mistreated expression from being ignored.

Su Luo was immediately speechless.

This was the formidable, awe-inspiring, great, fierce tiger, that would utterly defeat Nangong Liuyun, the four of them’s joined attacks, the eighth rank magical beast, okay?

Shouldn’t it be the kind that was extremely arrogant, a living mystical existence, proud and pampered? Why on earth would it show this kind of seeking to be petted and comforted appearance, as if acting cute? She was the one that was the most wronged, okay?

The huge foolish tiger called out a few times towards Su Luo with a lowered voice, and once again pitifully lowered its eyes. It looked simply heartbroken with a very downcast mood.

Su Luo perplexedly scratched her hair, in the end, what’s going on?

Nangong Liuyun observed even the smallest details, and was the first to see through everything. One could only see him frown slightly: “It seemed to be drooling over some kind of treasure on your body.”

Some kind of treasure on her body? Su Luo sank into deep doubt.

To say there were many treasures on her body, then there weren’t many; to say there were only a few, then that was also untrue. Don’t tell her that she needed to take them out one by one for it to choose? Alas, if only the little divine dragon was here, then everything would be fine, he should be able to communicate with the huge foolish tiger.

Unfortunately, that gluttonous little guy now was sprawled on his back, lying within her space and snoring away, sound asleep. His plump little belly, in the wake of his breathing, bulged out again and again, looking extremely adorable.

Su Luo’s gaze swept through her space, suddenly, she stopped at a certain place.

That’s right!

How could she have forgotten about this treasure?

At that time, the little divine dragon was seduced to her side because of this spirit spring. Afterwards. she experimented it on the Dragon Scaled Horse, and it was quite evident that the Dragon Scaled Horse was also very fond of the Celestial Spirit Water. Once again, even later, she relied on adding Celestial Spirit Water into the fish food, opening a killing road in all directions and hooking a full one thousand five hundred Amethyst Thorned fishes.

The above-mentioned events were all signs which clearly indicated that magical beasts were extremely fond of Celestial Spirit Water.

Could it be that this huge foolish tiger was looking for Celestial Spirit Water?

But, how did the huge foolish tiger know that her space had Celestial Spirit Water…Su Luo’s gaze floated towards the Amethyst Crystal Fish being held tightly in the palm of the huge foolish tiger…

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