DKC – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – A Wicked Person Shall Be Harassed by One of the Same Kind

Su Wan surfaced with great difficulty and what greeted her was a heavy slap from Su Xi.

Su Wan was indeed innocent and she did not understand how she had slipped and fallen. But she was certain that she fell into the canal because someone had ruthlessly kicked her bottom.

Su Wan tightly head onto the right cheek that had been slapped and cried without tears: “Fifth Younger Sister, it’s not that I wanted to fall, someone kicked me.”

Su Xi sneered: “We’re the only two here, who did you think kicked you? Why haven’t you gone up there and given me a cloak to wear?”

“But….” Su Wan miserably lowered her eyelids.

The gauze fairy robe was now tightly plastered on her body and her figure was clearly displayed in such fine detail that her inner red undergarments were distinctly seen. If she went out like this and was seen by someone, wouldn’t she lose too much face?

“How about we call for someone?” Su Wan weakly proposed after thinking for quite a while as she held her head.

“No! If a man answered our call, what will we ever do if we’ve been completely seen? Go quickly!” Su Xi had cruelty written all over her face!

“N, no….” Su Wan desperately shook her head and refused to agree no matter what.

“Then strip off your clothes and give them to me for me to wear!” Su Xi panted with rage and started to pull at Su Wan’s outer clothing.

“Fifth little sister, stop, please stop….” Su Wan tightly hugged her stomach, as if she was unwilling to let go even if she died. She only had one layer of outer gauze and inside that were her undergarments!

“Then why don’t you hurry and go?!” Su Xi relentlessly pushed Su Wan in the direction of land.

The Su Wan standing ashore with her clothes plastered all over her body had her two little grapes blown by the wind. They immediately became erect by the wind as if they were arrogant warlords.

She shivered due to the cold and ran as if her life depended on it.

However, at the same time, it was not known why but the trees suddenly ignited in flames.

Distant cries sounded out: “Fire…. The trees are on fire…. Quickly, we must extinguish the fire….”

The little grove just happened to be near the lotus pond. Its surroundings were obvious at a glance. There were no fake hills or fake stones; it was fundamentally impossible to take cover.

Soon after, a countless number of people bounded in that direction. Scared out of her wits, Su Wan paled as both of her hands protected her chest and quickly spun around in place.

“Run! Run quickly!” Su Xi loudly urged from within the lotus pond. If you don’t run now, it’ll be too late!

But it was already too late now.

The sound of numerous footsteps closing in was heard afterwards. Su Wan trembled in fright and she subconsciously went in the direction of the canal to jump in once more.

With a bang, the splashing of waves rose high in the air.

Su Luo almost laughed out loud.

But this decision of Su Wan’s shouldn’t be considered to be foolish. After all, the pond’s water wasn’t deep and one could stand in it with both legs. Not only that, within the pond bloomed many water lilies. If they hid behind them, if one wasn’t seriously trying to find them there, it was extremely unlikely for others to discover them.

“Why did you come in again!” Su Xi raged so hard that her hair almost stood up on end. She swung heavily to slap at Su Wan’s face.

Su Wan was also unhappy: “Fifth little sister, don’t be so unreasonable!” She should also be a little angry, right?

Su Xi viciously glared: “Unreasonable? Who’s unreasonable? If you didn’t drag me in here, would I be in this situation? You. Keep this in mind, once I get out, I’ll definitely will not let you off!”

“But I didn’t do it on purpose, someone really did push me in!”

“Who pushed you, I’d like you to bring them out for me to see!”

Ignoring the numerous footsteps, the two sisters started to immediately quarrel in the canal.

With an evil smile, Su Luo coldly watched this hard to come by show of the two sister’s savage fight. She looked forward to what would follow next on this program, for it would certainly be marvelous. Only then would it not waste the fire that she had run to set.

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