DKC – Chapter 334

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Chapter 334 – Playboy (5)

With her forgetting to eat and sleep in her dedication to cultivating, then adding in the unending stream of crystal stone spirit liquid’s assistance; even though she hadn’t advanced to the fourth rank, the result she obtained was still very astonishing.

First of all, the small fireball technique was the very first to break through to the large fireball technique. Its attack power compared to before had been upgraded by as much as fivefold.

The great Dimensional Imprint, while it still hadn’t reached the boundary of the second layer, the handprint was however a lot larger than before. Its might had also risen quite a bit compared to before.

Yet, the boundary of the second layer, no matter how much Su Luo cultivated and tried to sense it, she was unable to set in motion the spirit force in her body. She thought that the reason might be because her strength was too low.

If she was to run into Liu Chengfeng again right now, she would absolutely be able to dominate in defeating him. And no longer would it be like last time when she had to use medicinal pills to still fight very exhaustingly for her life.

As for the Spirit Dance Steps, Su Luo, after tumbling down countless times, finally touched the doorway.

Within this period of time, most of her time was spent on practicing the Spirit Dance Steps. The more she practiced it, the more she felt the footwork was exquisite, peerlessly appearing as graceful as an immortal.

Merely just considering the speed alone, nobody within the third rank could match it.

Originally, she had just entered the beginning of the third rank, but after one month of trying hard to the point of going without sleep or meals, she had already reached the middle of the third rank. This kind of cultivation speed, if others were to find out, would absolutely make people insane from jealousy.

Within this month, when Su Luo got tired of cultivating, she would just run over to refine medicinal pills. After refining medicinal pills, she would once again run back to cultivate her spirit strength. She would repeat this cycle non-stop in this way. Not only had she refined many medicinal pills simultaneously, her ability in refining pills had also advanced by leaps and bounds. What was even more significant was that her wood and fire dual elemental systems also followed after in growing by leaps and bounds.

In summary, through this month’s bitter practice, her harvest was very huge.

In her space, Su Luo sat cross-legged by the side of the spirit spring with her eyes tightly closed. A fine layer of sweat seeped out of her face.

Su Luo, in the course of her cultivation, even she herself didn’t notice a circle of spirit power rushing around her entire body. Finally, following her breathing, it quietly entered into her body. It was constantly nourishing her internal organs.

After a month of cultivating during which eating and sleeping were forgotten, Su Luo had now already reached a bottleneck. The originally soaring growth of spirit strength had also become slower. In addition, those dozens of crystal stones that she had refined into spirit liquid had also been almost completely consumed by her.

Time to go out.

Su Luo opened the tightly secured door, outside was the harsh and dazzling sunlight.

“Miss, you came out!” Seeing Su Luo walk out, the most excited person was none other than Lu Luo.

Su Luo faintly smiled and nodded her head: “How did your cultivation practice go? Is there any progress?”

Before, she had let Lu Luo drink a cup of Celestial Spirit Water to help her get rid of the impurities within her body. Soon after, she also tossed her a few bottles of crystal stone spirit liquid, on top of getting the services of an expert like Ling Feng free of charge, if Lu Luo still hadn’t made a little progress, then she would really give up.

Lu Luo’s entire face was covered with a huge smile, her pair of eyes were bent into a crescent moon shape. She excitedly nodded her head repeatedly: “Yes, yes, yes! This servant is now already a first rank martial artist. I feel exceedingly good! Oh, truly, even in my dreams. this servant never expected that one day, she would also become a martial artist.”

On this continent, it was clearly stipulated that a martial artist’s position in society, compared to that of an ordinary normal person, was at a higher, more noble level. In addition, after becoming a martial artist, you also have the basic strength for self-protection. No wonder Lu Luo would be this excited.

Ling Feng’s stiff face that appeared to have nerve paralysis noiselessly appeared in front of Su Luo. He expressionlessly cast a glance at Su Luo, in an ice-cold tone, he said: “His Highness has arrived.”

Sure enough, in the wake of his words, very quickly, Nangong Liuyun’s figure appeared in front of Su Luo.

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