DKC – Chapter 306

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Chapter 306 – Returning to Su Manor (6)

Su Luo’s gaze was cold and calm as she watch those eight, cold double-edged swords quickly fly towards her.

Even though Su Xi’s Netherworld sword technique’s prestige was great and had a flourishing style with an extremely fast speed, but in Su Luo’s eyes, it seemed full of mistakes. To Su Luo, its speed was slow, like a replay in slow motion.

A ridiculing smile appeared in Su Luo’s eyes.

A third rank Su Xi, if it was a few days ago, she would have had to use assassin methods if she was to defeat her.

But now, too bad, she had also been promoted to the third rank. Third rank versus third rank, she was even capable of defeating Liu Chengfeng, why would she fear a very minor person like Su Xi?

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up slightly, not holding back any longer, she condensed eight small fireballs that wrapped up all the sharp blades.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The small fireballs crashed into the double-edged blades. The double-edged blades that were originally illusionary were now made formless, leaving behind only that cold sword heading straight for Su Luo’s throat!

Su Luo threw out her dagger that could cut through iron-like mud. The dagger shot towards that sharp sword, and both weapons met in mid-air!

Immediately, there was a burst of fireworks, with lightning sounds echoing endlessly.

Soon after, the dagger that was currently winning, pierced through the sharp sword and ruthlessly stabbed towards Su Xi’s throat!

Seeing that hellish-looking dagger rapidly approaching, a panicked expression flashed through Su Xi’s eyes. She was overwhelmed with terror as she became aware of an aura of death sweeping towards her own throat. It seemed as if she saw the silhouette of the death god.

With the dagger getting closer, the terror in Su Xi’s eyes became increasingly clearer. She even forgot to dodge it.

Just at this critical moment of life and death, a gold coin shot swiftly towards the dagger. One could only hear a crisp ‘whizz’ sound.

The dagger collided with the gold coin, and it shook a few times before finally falling to the ground powerlessly.

However, before it could fall to the ground, it ended up in Su Luo’s hand.

“Second older sister!” Su Xi turned her head around, seeing the beautiful image of that woman appear, immediately, her face was full of jubilation. Holding her arms, she was practically crying tears of joy.

When the surrounding servants saw Su Qing’s arrival, all of their expressions changed. Their eyes held reverence but they shrinked their bodies moving backwards to avoid her, praying they could evade Su Qing’s line of sight.

Su Qing, the rumored legendary gifted genius, was Grandmaster Lan Hai’s personal disciple. At such a young age, she had already broken through to the fourth rank. Her future prospects were simply limitless and immeasurable.

Su Qing had always been pure and cold as a lotus. She was known as an ice beauty. She would never berate a servant, but would kill people. She would show no mercy when killing people and her methods were savage. As a result, the servants’ fear of her in their minds was even deeper.

Su Qing was dressed in a light green, unadorned skirt which clenched at her slender waistline. That exquisite little face had an austere expression. Her long, shapely eyebrows wrinkled, evidently, she was not in a very good mood.

“Second older sister! You finally came! Boo-hoo boo-hoo——” Seeing Su Qing, it seemed as if Su Xi immediately got a backbone. Just a moment ago, both of her eyes were hazy with watery mist due to having received a fright, but now, they suddenly had two sparkling and translucent teardrops sliding down. She held on to Su Qing, sobbing and unable to say a word, but was furiously pointing at Su Luo. She was still sobbing spasmodically, though she also complained in a loud voice: “Second older sister! Quickly avenge me! Su Luo, this slut, wants to kill me!”

Su Qing tenderly wiped away that string of teardrops on Su Xi’s face, saying with a bland tone of voice: “Foolish girl, you can’t even defeat a good-for-nothing. You are an expert at bringing disgrace to Father and Mother. Now, see if afterwards you still dare to be lazy.”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a shallow, secretive, ridiculing smile.

These words spoken by Su Qing were very interesting. She said that Su Xi specialized in bring disgrace to Father and Mother. This completely did not take her, Su Luo, to be part of the family.

However, it was also correct, in Su Qing’s innocent, lotus flower-like eyes that were pure and icily arrogant; how could it turn out to have a sense of Su Luo’s existence, since she was a good-for-nothing?

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