DKC – Chapter 298

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Chapter 298 – To come knocking for a fight (15)

However…A loss was a loss.

Furthermore, this internal injury, at first it didn’t seem that serious, but the longer he stood, he was able to detect the powerful energy Nangong Liuyun had shot into his body was fierce and unyielding. Inside his body, it scattered in all directions, now he who was seriously injured, practically could not continue to suppress it.

Now, Liu Potian was someone who couldn’t even guarantee his own safety, where would he find the energy to care about Liu Chengfeng?

Since Liu Potian didn’t take action to help him, then Liu Chengfeng personally was about to face tragedy.

He was heavily smashed down by Su Luo’s great Dimensional Imprint, powerless to stop it, his entire person was swatted flat. On the surface of the ground, you already couldn’t see his body. The him right now had sunk deep underground.

Originally, the ground was level and smooth, but now, an extra pit in the shape of a large handprint had appeared. And Liu Chengfeng was face down in the yellow dirt, lying on his stomach in the pit, vomiting blood non-stop.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Liu Chengfeng felt that he had been swatted by Su Luo’s final palm strike until his head was buzzing with sounds. Nearly all of his five viscera and six bowels had shifted position, he would wail loudly from the pain at the slightest movement.

However without waiting for him to crawl up, Su Luo once again released a black handprint that hovered above his head.

Confronted with this large handprint, Liu Chengfeng was almost infuriated to the point of spitting out blood! It was another handprint, why was it still a large handprint! Was he going to be hit and recoiled by the large handprint?

He just didn’t understand why the opponent’s large handprint was so strong, did it not need spirit power? Or maybe it was the opponent’s source of spirit power that was somehow endless. It seemed as if, no matter what, it couldn’t be completely exhausted!

Seeing that black large handprint about to smash down again, Liu Chengfeng was immediately scared stiff, like his soul had flown away, scattering in all directions.

Just a moment ago, he had looked on helplessly as his own grandfather was seriously injured by Prince Jin’s strike. He also recalled the opponent saying this sentence, ‘on the battlefield, it’s life or death’. He absolutely believed that if the opponent had an opportunity, he would certainly be killed in cold blood. And also, he would not be pardoned just because of his status as Liu Potian’s grandson.

Having thought of things up to here, Liu Chengfeng was scared until he become pale, he loudly screeched: “ I ——”

He hadn’t finish saying ‘admit defeat’, these two words——before experiencing Su Luo’s ruthless attack.

Su Luo was enraged at his action of chasing after her to kill her from before, how could she let him off so easily? Last time, if it was not for Nangong Liuyun showing up just by chance, and if it was not for him being able to undo the tracing technique on her body, what kind of ending would she have now? She simply could not imagine it.

Without waiting for Liu Chengfeng to say another word, Su Luo seized the opportunity to throw out the dagger in her hand with awe-inspiring momentum!

“Ah!” The dagger reached an inconceivable speed, that kind of peak strength split the sky with echoes of ‘zing, zing’ sounds. It launched directly towards Liu Chengfeng’s throat.

Liu Chengfeng’s expression had a huge change all of a sudden, he used all the strength he had left to roll towards the side!

The dagger approached closer and closer with aggressive momentum, full of the intent to commit murder. Its momentum would scare people, and it was brimming with a destructive strength that was extremely terrifying.

Heavens, the opponent simply just wanted to kill him!

Liu Chengfeng’s heart was frightened, he did his utmost to jump, so as to avoid that dagger’s attack. However, the dagger that could cut through iron like it was mud, ended up entering his arm. It severed his left hand below the wrist!

“Ah!!!” A bitter and pain-filled roar came from Liu Chengfeng’s mouth. He was rolling around in the bottom of the pit, suffering from extreme pain.

His face, body, and hands were without exception, covered in fresh blood. His wrist was still spraying out blood unceasingly…It seemed extremely frightening to the people watching.

Liu Potian’s pair of eyes was like gale-force winds and torrential rain, as cruel and vengeful as a wild beast. He tenaciously stared at Su Luo, wishing he could kill her immediately!

However, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth only lifted into an ice-cold smile as she indifferently said: “The fight hasn’t ended yet.”

Even before she finished speaking, she once again released another extremely powerful black handprint that everyone was familiar with over Liu Chengfeng’s head.

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