DKC – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – This is Simply Torture!

Time and space converted.

Blue Sky Continent.


Su Luo felt a needle-like pain throughout her entire body, as if she had been run over by a heavy truck. It was so painful that her heart had almost stopped beating.

In a daze, she slowly opened her heavy eyelids. Seeing the dirty white gauze mosquito net above her head and a shabby quilt, she momentarily could not react.

“Su Luo you cheap slut, why aren’t you dead yet? Why did you even bother to wake up! Die die die!” A sharp, ear-piercing voice furiously shouted near Su Luo’s bed.

Su Luo realized that she was strengthless from head to toe. She weakly turned towards the direction of the voice.

There was a beautiful girl who looked to be around fourteen or fifteen years of age dressed in light purple fine gauze. Inserted in her hair that was rolled up in a bun was a precious butterfly hairpin and a jade hairpin. Her small face was slightly round and she had very delicate facial features.

The little girl was very beautiful, yet she was very malicious in her actions. At the moment, she was holding a needle that was usually used to sew the soles of a shoe. The needle was thick and glinted in the cold light.

With a sinister look in her eyes, she ruthlessly stabbed at Su Luo’s body. She stabbed at the flesh hidden underneath the clothes so unless someone tore them open, outsiders would never be able to see them.

So painful! This is simply torture!

Su Luo wanted to say something, but discovered that her mouth had been gagged by a rag. She wanted to resist, but found out that she didn’t even have the strength to lift a single finger.

Seeing that Su Luo had awoken, the malicious girl turned to face the other slightly larger girl and coldly commanded: “Third Sister, quickly beat, quickly beat her to death!”

Subsequently, this Third Miss did what she was told and forcefully swung the palm of her hand to slap Su Luo’s face.

Su Luo’s eyes gleamed with a frosty light: This maltreatment, these slaps; I, Su Luo, will remember all of them!

Su Luo could no longer take the continuous assault and finally sank into the darkness.

“Miss…. Uuu…. Miss, you must not die…..” The sound of the young female’s mournful weeping was miserable and it seemed that her throat had become hoarse due to her weeping.

Awakened by the sound of weeping and feeling that someone was forcefully shaking her, Su Luo faintly woke up.

“M-Miss?” Lu Luo who was sadly weeping raised her gaze and met Su Luo’s line of sight. Accompanied by the eye contact, her face immediately turned to that of pleasant surprise.

At this time, Su Luo also clearly saw the little girl before her eyes. She was approximately fourteen or fifteen years of age with facial features that could be considered to be graceful, but at the moment, her face was covered with red and swollen fingerprints. Both eyes swelled like a peach and she appeared to be in a tight spot.

Her vision shifted to the interior of the room. She discovered that the table was missing a leg, the chair was worn-out, and there wasn’t even a cup to drink water from the teapot. It seemed as if the entire room was a house in the slums of Africa.

Suddenly, Su Luo mind ached as memories flooded in like the surging of the tide.

Looks like she really did cross over.

This place was not a dynasty that she was familiar with, for was the Blue Sky Continent that never appeared in China’s history and was a world that respected those with martial might.

The continent consisted of four countries. They were individually named Eastern Ling, Western Jin, Southern Feng, and Northern Mo. Together, the four countries drew a circle and in between them, was the legendary Dark Forest that was rampant with magic beasts. Unless one was a martial artist, entering was simply unthinkable.

As of now, Su Luo was in the Manor of the Eastern Ling Empire’s Great General. Her father was Su Zian, the Great General who protected the empire and she, was the publically known strawbag fool of an idiot, the good-for-nothing Fourth Miss.

In the Blue Sky Continent, every child had to take an innate talent test at the age of five and this exam was so important that it was enough to determine a person’s entire life.

Before this exam, Su Luo was the pride of the Su Family because at during her birth, even the heavens intervened with worldly phenomenons; a multicolored sky paved the roads in rainbow as a divine bird circled around the entire imperial capital. At that time, everyone believed that Su Family’s Fourth Miss would become someone of importance.

But on the day of the aptitude test five years later, this Su Family’s Fourth Miss who most had the greatest of expectations for, unexpectedly appeared to be nobody. Her innate talent was at a good-for-nothing zero and it was fundamentally impossible for her to practice martial arts!

As a result of the expectations being too high with the disparity too wide, Su Zian threw Su Luo into the side courtyard under a fit of rage, leaving Su Luo to decide her own life and death. Su Luo’s mother had also been abandoned and finally perished from depression.

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