DKC – Chapter 1776

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Chapter 1776 – Suddenly everything becomes clear (2)

So Su Luo had no choice but to stop, using everything to study this maze.

The maze was very tall, no less than thirty meters high. All around was a very thick wall, Su Luo used all her strength and smashed her fist over, but she only left a slight imprint on the wall. Moreover, very quickly, this imprint was gone, with the wall restored to its original state. As if Su Luo hadn’t done anything.

This made Su Luo’s brows tighten.

Don’t know why, she had an absurd thought, as if this maze had wisdom and a spirit. As if it was alive. But very quickly, Su Luo tossed this thought to the back of her head. Because who could imagine a maze having wisdom and a spirit.

But this maze gave Su Luo a very familiar feeling…. What was it? Su Luo slanted her head as she continuously thought back.

After thinking for a long time, she still didn’t get a solution. Su Luo had no choice but to stand up, supported by the wall.

However, just at this split second, that heavy layer of fog seemed to be brushed away in her mind. Immediately, everything became clear.

Demon Cave!

Yes, it’s exactly like the Demon Cave.

Su Luo suddenly recalled, at that time, wasn’t she and Beichen Ying trapped in a square stone prison? At that time, she also couldn’t come out, until——

Until she practiced and learned Nothingness of Space!

Thinking of this, an excited color appeared on Su Luo’s fair face. She looked close to jubilation.

How could she forget such a useful skill? Really ought to die!

If one must know, after her Nothingness of Space covered her whole body, she was able to go through walls. To speculate based on this, wouldn’t these walls be….

Su Luo’s eyes were bright as crystal stones, sparkling and flickering with light. Didn’t have time to think carefully, Su Luo started to mobilize her spirit force and envelope herself with Nothingness of Space. In the end, she slowly walked towards the wall step by step.

Went in…actually really able to go through walls!

After discovering this fact, Su Luo immediately had an urge to place her hand on her forehead.

How could she be so stupid! Clearly, it was very easy for her to think of this method. However, because of the blocked thought, she couldn’t recall it for a long time. Rather, it was only after knocking against the south wall and walking so many pointless roads did she find enlightenment?

However, fortunately, discovering it now was not too late. Finally, she wasn’t stupid until the end.

The four walls around was incomparably hard, although Su Luo had Nothingness of Space and could pass by going through the walls, however, she couldn’t increase her speed.

Right now, Su Luo didn’t know where she was, but the benefit of going through the walls was that she could go straight in one direction.

After settling on one direction, Su Luo started her travel through the maze.

It sounded very simple, but until she started to do it, Su Luo realized that going through walls wasn’t really that easy. Because there was a countless number of walls that criss-crossed. Su Luo became dizzy just going through them, till she almost collapsed.

Moreover, this kind of action really wasted spirit force.

Walked straight for a long time, just when Su Luo’s head felt dizzy, suddenly, Su Luo felt something flash in front of her eyes. When she fixed her gaze again, she found herself inside a large hall.

Compared with the narrow maze, the large size was relatively terrifying.

Here seemed to be the main hall of a palace.

All around were white jade walls. Underneath was white jade marble, and ice jade pillars stood tall, reaching to the sky. Dragons and phoenixes carved on the pillars were vivid and lifelike.

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