DKC – Chapter 1741

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Chapter 1741 – Fleeing for her life from the tiger’s den (1)

Su Luo knew that if she went up, Dongfang Xuan definitely wouldn’t let her escape. So, she decisively took the measure of going down, which was to drill deep into the earth.

With the Variant Acacia Tree’s huge root system present, burrowing a tunnel naturally wasn’t a problem. In fact, the Variant Acacia Tree merely withdrew one strong and thick root, and a long black hole appeared underground. Su Luo just had to slide down as if going down a slide.

Sliding down and reaching the end, then following the root system to feel her way up. Su Luo once again returned to the place she stayed before——inside that ancient tree’s trunk.

Just because the most dangerous place was the safest place. Even if Dongfang Xuan died, he wouldn’t have guessed that Su Luo would climb back into that ancient tree’s trunk under his helpless gaze. Therefore, Su Luo felt that this time, she was finally safe.

But Su Luo, guessing back and forth, still underestimated Dongfang Xuan’s rage.

She never expected that Dongfang Xuan’s rage would be this strong. When he moved, it would be that fierce, thoroughly ruining the surroundings.

The Variant Acacia Tree was petrified in place, although it was slightly injured, it wasn’t serious. Right now, the Variant Acacia Tree was still uncertain if it should fall to the ground. This way, it might seem to fit in with the surroundings….

Just when the Variant Acacia Tree hesitated. Suddenly, it saw Dongfang Xuan take large strides towards it!

The Variant Acacia Tree was Su Luo’s plant pet. Through the Variant Acacia Tree’s eyes, Su Luo naturally could understand the situation outside. She watched helplessly as Dongfang Xuan took large strides to walk over. Suddenly, a not-so-good premonition rose in her heart.

To escape now… was there still time? Su Luo was just about to stealthily follow the original black hole to slip away, when Dongfang Xuan’s cold eyes narrowed, starting at this ancient tree.

That cold light in his eyes made Su Luo feel afraid involuntarily. Then, she subconsciously curled up and became motionless. Even to the point of stifling the beating of her heart.

Because Su Luo knew, right now, Dongfang Xuan was using his spirit force to scan this tree up and down.

The Variant Acacia Tree deliberately repressed its strength, pretending to be a stupid ancient tree, let alone to say her.

Dongfang Xuan stood firmly about a meter in front of the ancient tree. After scanning it, he didn’t find anything strange about it. But he wouldn’t give up, he continuously circled around the ancient tree while his right hand stroked his chin, as if he was pondering deeply.

Su Luo’s heart jumped, wishing Dongfang Xuan would leave earlier. But things always turned out contrary to her wishes. Not only didn’t Dongfang Xuan leave, but he stopped in the place that was in front of Su Luo, separated by a layer of tree bark, as he carefully pondered.

Suddenly, he stroked his chin and mumbled to himself: “This plant pet seems to be stupid, but able to fight and endure a beating, I can barely use it.”

“What?” Su Luo opened her eyes wide inside the ancient tree. What did Dongfang Xuan’s words mean? It’s not like what she was thinking right?

At this time, Dongfang Xuan’s voice came through faintly: “Plant pets are hard to find, since that loathsome girl has a plant pet, then I’ll reluctantly accept one too.”

Su Luo ridiculed in her heart: could you not be so reluctant?

A pity Dongfang Xuan couldn’t hear Su Luo’s heart, even if he could hear it, then that’s to say, whatever Su Luo said, he would definitely go in the other direction. Therefore, Su Luo’s ridicule didn’t have a bit of use on him.

Now, one only saw Dongfang Xuan roll up his sleeves, both hands pressed on that ancient tree——

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