DKC – Chapter 1735

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Chapter 1735 – Cat chasing a mouse (2)

“Loathsome girl, now you only have two choices.” Dongfang Xuan never had this chance of raising his eyebrows to blow off steam. He proudly slanted a glance at Su Luo, “Want me to do it or you’ll take your own life instead?”

“….” Cold light converged in Su Luo’s eyes.

“Don’t need to look, Nangong Liuyun can’t even save himself right now, let alone others. He can’t save you, hahaha!” The more Dongfang Xuan thought about it, the more pleased he was and the more crazed his laughter became.

Ever since he saw Su Luo, Dongfang Xuan had always eaten losses in front of her. Before, there was her master protecting her, now, in Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, she had Nangong Liuyun protecting her. To the extent that his cultivation seemed in vain as he couldn’t do anything to Su Luo, who was weaker in strength. But now, the Gods finally opened their eyes, at last giving him an unprecedented opportunity!

“Dongfang Xuan, you are just this certain you can kill me?” Su Luo’s lips hooked into a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“Don’t tell me you still have a trump card on your body?” Dongfang Xuan’s smile was feminine, nefarious and charming, sinisterly strange. His gaze gave off a cold light as he stared unblinkingly at Su Luo. The smile at the corner of his mouth made people’s hairs stand up on end.

“What if I said I have one?” The fist at Su Luo’s side tightened.

Dongfang Xuan had absorbed the entire Absorbing Spirit Crystal. His strength was originally pretty good, had risen dramatically. Now, don’t know if the little stone could beat him in a fight. Su Luo’s gaze swept by Li Aochen and Luo Haoming, who had stopped cultivating and stood behind Dongfang Xuan…

“Since you have it, then take it out and let us have a look?” Dongfang Xuan walked towards Su Luo, step by step.

He moved forward a step, and Su Luo couldn’t help but move back a step.

The situation was completely in Dongfang Xuan’s grasp.

Dongfang Xuan’s mouth had a cold smile of victory within his grasp. His smile was ice-cold and demonic, specks of killing intent flashing from his eyes. At this moment, as long as he moved, he definitely wouldn’t let Su Luo live.

“Master!” Su Luo suddenly looked with a pleasantly surprised expression towards Dongfang Xuan’s back. Her smile was full of excitement.

Dongfang Xuan suddenly remembered the lesson Grandmaster Rong Yun taught him before entering the Secret Roaming Dragon territory. His heart suddenly trembled, when he returned to his senses——

Su Luo that loathsome girl had already run far away!

Dongfang Xuan’s face became gloomy in an instant as he said furiously: “Quickly chase!”

Finished speaking, his speed exploded out as he shot forward like a cheetah.

Li Aochen, hearing this, very obediently wanted to chase after. But Beichen Ying was a step faster and had already blocked in front of him. With both arms crossed before him, he smiled narrow-mindedly and provocatively: “Brother Li, don’t leave yet.”

“Get out of the way!” Li Aochen didn’t even think before making a move against Beichen Ying.

But Beichen Ying wasn’t someone to be trifled with. Although before, his strength was slightly weaker than Li Aochen, but who told him to have such good luck and enter the Spirit River a bit earlier than Li Aochen. Through the baptism of the Spirit River, Beichen Ying’s strength wasn’t necessarily weaker than Li Aochen’s.

As a result, since after Nangong Liuyun started to battle the gigantic dragon, Beichen Ying and Li Aochen also started to fight.

Luo Haoming looked at the battles in front of him, then looked again up ahead. Dongfang Xuan’s figure had already disappeared from there, seeing this, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Zi Yan calmly stood in front of him with determination. Her cold eyes looked at him indifferently. Although she didn’t say anything, but that meaning was self-evident. If Luo Haoming dared to chase after them, even if Zi Yan couldn’t beat him, she still would risk her life to try to stop him.

Luo Haoming, seeing this, repeatedly smiled bitterly.

Although he seemed to be on Dongfang Xuan’s team, but slowly, his heart started to be more partial towards Su Luo’s side, therefore…

“Miss Zi Yan, sit down and rest for a bit.” Luo Haoming said in a friendly manner.

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