DKC – Chapter 1727

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Chapter 1727 – This disappearance will be long (3)

However, before she could enter this kind of exceptionally advantageous state, she heard a disturbing voice sounded out from below.

“Oh heavens, such rich spirit force. In the end, what’s going on?”

“Look, in mid-air, there is actually a river suspended there!”

“This python is about a hundred meters long, it’s at least above Commander rank right?”

The voices that kept sucking in cold breaths of air came again and again.

Hearing these voices, Su Luo was somewhat annoyed in her heart.

These three people were Dongfang Xuan, Luo Haoming and Li Aochen, without a doubt.

“Could this be the rumored Spirit River from legends?” Dongfang Xuan rubbed his chin. Lifting his eyes to look at the Spirit River suspended in mid-air, a greedy color flashed through his eyes.

He followed the spirit force and come over here. Moreover place with the riches spirit force came from this Spirit River that hanged in mid air in front of his eyes.

Hearing Dongfang Xuan’s words, both Li Aochen and Luo Haoming’s eyes gave off light. Their eyes flickered with golden lights as they stared at above.

“Will there be any danger?” Luo Haoming cautiously asked.

Now, Dongfang Xuan only sneered: “Danger? Did you not see that python in front of you? That’s the danger, but it had already been eradicated by Nangong Liuyun.”

A python with such strength, in that group, only Nangong Liuyun was capable of dealing with it. So with one guess, Dongfang Xuan got it about right.

The corner of Li Aochen’s mouth hooked into a sneer: “With Nangong Liuyun in front getting rid of things for us, really saved us a lot of trouble.”

“Exactly right?” Dongfang Xuan sneered repeatedly.

If it were not for Nangong Liuyun taking the lead and getting rid of that python, the three of them wouldn’t have a way to get close to this Spirit River oh. Thinking up to here, Dongfang Xuan smiled coldly again and said to the two people: “Lets go.”

His words hadn’t faded when his figure started to rise from the ground, quickly shooting towards the Spirit River.

Su Luo’s group was all in the bottom of the river, each of them cultivating. So when Dongfang Xuan’s group flew up, they only saw an endless peaceful river surface without the tiniest bit of waves.

“Such peaceful water surface.” Dongfang Xuan mumbled to himself.

“What are you waiting for? Quickly go down ah!” Sensing the rich spirit force that soared to the sky was so close, Li Aochen was so excited that both of his legs trembled. His eyes gave off a golden light, he didn’t have time to speak, with one direct leap, he entered into the Spirit River.

But in the next instant, Li Aochen ate a lot of bitterness.

The surface of the Spirit River was peaceful without a wave, but once you enter the river, you will feel that violently surging force of impact. Li Aochen jumped in without any preparation, under that intense attack, suddenly, a burst of blood and qi rolled over, and he almost died!

“Idiot.” The corner of Dongfang Xuan’s mouth hooked into a cold sneer.

The reason why he stood there motionless was because he was certain Li Aochen wouldn’t be calm and would become his errant boy. After learning the lesson from Li Aochen’s mistake, Dongfang Xuan’s actions became a lot more cautious. One only saw him condense all his spirit force to protect his entire body. Soon after, his figure slowly entered into the bottom of the river.

Although the forces of impact was large, it was still within the range he was able to endure.

Dongfang Xuan didn’t have time to think too much before tightly closing both eyes and sinking into the selfless state of cultivation.

Not far away, Su Luo frowned slightly.

Don’t know whether it was her misconception, she actually sensed a very strange change.

Su Luo felt that the speed of her absorbing spirit force reduced at a pace the naked eye could see. Because the spirit force she was able to absorb was being drawn out at a fast pace.

She sensed the spirit force in all directions, including around her body, all rushed to Dongfang Xuan’s position. At this moment, Dongfang Xuan’s face had a slight smile, his entire person seemed to be bathed in sunshine. He was contentedly and proudly absorbing the spirit force rushing towards him from all directions.

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