DKC – Chapter 1709

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Chapter 1709 – Broad and open road (1)

For a moment, Su Luo was stumped for words, soon after, she quickly returned to her senses, pulled Nangong Liuyun’s neck down and whispered a sentence by his ear.

“What?” Nangong Liuyun asked again, but his face clearly had a smile on it.

“Nothing. Since you didn’t hear it, then pretend I never said it.” Su Luo smilingly said, and cheerfully ran forward.

Nangong Liuyun was just about to chase up, when he found Su Luo had already stopped.

“You guys look, what is that?!” Su Luo pointed at a pitch-black figure not far away, turned and indicated to everyone.

As a result, everyone followed Su Luo’s line of sight to look over.

If she didn’t see incorrectly, it ought to be a person. A person laying on the ground with all limbs on the ground. He was laying on his stomach, motionless as if he had already passed out.

“Seems to be…Li Aochen?” Su Luo’s eyes had a trace of doubt.

“Don’t say, the more you say it, the more it looks like him. Can’t really be that horrid Li Aochen right?” Zi Yan took several quick steps to run by Su Luo’s side and looked into the distance.

Beichen Ying’s curiosity was the strongest. He directly ran out of this road and rushed in that direction. When he ran to in front of that figure, he used his hand to poke at it. A pity that the other side really was unconscious, so no matter how he poked, there was no response.

As a result, Beichen Ying used a bit of force and turned the entire body over.

“Hey, it really is Li Aochen, such a coincidence.” Beichen Ying had both hands at his hips, smiling while looking at this scene.

Because Li Aochen directly fell headfirst into a pile of snow, so there was snow on his face and chest. A lot of snow even went into his mouth and nose, almost choking him to death. At the same time, his face and body had many injuries. The red blood dyed the surroundings, making him look extremely bedraggled and strange.

Now, Su Luo and the others had all run over, seeing Li Aochen like this, they all sigh endlessly.

“Really a fool. If he had obediently followed behind us to walk the path, there would be a broad and open road to walk okay? Yet, he insisted on running up ahead, now received the attack from magical beasts on this snowy mountain, who could he blame?” Beichen Ying said these sarcastic remarks in a schadenfreude manner.

“It turns out that inside this snow mountain, there really are difficult to deal with magical beasts ah. If we didn’t see Li Aochen looking like this, I really wouldn’t believe it.” Zi Yan smilingly said.

They steps on the broad and open road traveling here, because of the special spirit fluctuations on this road, those magical beasts couldn’t wait to avoid it. It was impossible for them to voluntarily come up to throw their lives away. So along this way, don’t say meeting a magical beast, they didn’t even see an ant.

Just when everyone was discussing matters spiritedly, Li Aochen’s eyelashes lightly trembled.

Until this moment, Zi Yan suddenly returned to her senses: “Li Aochen had continuously opposed us, should we….” She made a cutting the neck gesture.

“Wouldn’t it be a little like taking advantage of someone’s difficulties?” Beichen Ying stroked his chin, starting to ponder Zi Yan’s proposal.

“What are you guys thinking of doing!” At this moment, Li Aochen thoroughly woke up. Seeing the group of people surrounding him in a circle, his gaze had an ill-meaning rays of light.

“Hey, Li Aochen, we saved you oh. What kind of attitude of yours is this?” Zi Yan had both hands crossed at her chest, glaring at him with a bad expression.

“Who asked you guys to save me!” Li Aochen sneered repeatedly.

“Okay, you don’t want us to save you, then you walk by yourself ah. Remember, this broad and open road in front is opened by us, such a courageous person like you, must by all means not walk it oh.” Su Luo smilingly pointed at that road not far away that Nangong Liuyun had established.

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