DKC – Chapter 1698

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Chapter 1698 – Sit on the ground and set the price (2)

Nangong Liuyun gave her a peck on her cheeks. He looked at her with a hidden bitterness: “But I’m really serious. I also got injured okay?”

“Then, what to do?” Su Luo had a feeling of being hung onto.

“Here, is wounded.” Nangong Liuyun pointed to his own red lips, then pointed to his eyes, “All of this has been injured.”

Su Luo looked around and discovered Zi Yan had already run over to help Beichen Ying. As a result, she stood on tiptoes and quickly left a kiss on his red lips.

Although her kiss was very light, like the dragonfly that touches the water before it left, but before she could leave, Su Luo found something was fishy!

Because Nangong Liuyun’s large slender hand suddenly grabbed her slender waistline and moved her forward. Caught off guard, she ran into his warm, lean chest. Before Su Luo could react Nangong Liuyun had already seized her soft lips that hadn’t had a chance to escape. His lips seized hers tightly, not letting go.

Su Luo wanted to lean back to avoid it, but Nangong Liuyun was already prepared. His large right palm covered the back of her head, firmly fixing her in place, not letting her escape.

Before Su Luo could struggle free, Nangong Liuyun had already staked his territory in her mouth, occupying it wantonly and wandering around lingeringly.

Not far behind them was the surging lava, as savage as the color of blood. It stretched out this one tall and one short figure’s shadow very long to the ground.

Momentarily, the ambiguous atmosphere lingered around, quiet and noiseless.

Only after a long time did the two slowly separate.

Su Luo’s face was flushed, her breathing was in chaos.

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of eyes seem to be bathed in a clear spring, clear, bright and moist, glistening with light. His long white fingers stroked Su Luo’s cheek and was just about to speak, when at this time, Beichen Ying, like an uninvited guest that lacked eyesight, rushed in.

“Luo Luo, you see, I have finished painting it on!” Beichen Ying’s pitch-black face appeared in front of Su Luo, scaring her such that she almost jumped.

Su Luo pushed Nangong Liuyun away and gave a light cough. Afterwards, she seriously looked at Beichen Ying and said in a picky tone: “You are certain you have finished painting it on?”

“Certain!” Beichen Ying stood there with his body straight with a deadpan expression.

“Finished applying everywhere, for example…”

“Really finished applying everywhere, Zi Yan had already inspected it for me.” Beichen Ying was afraid Su Luo would say some untimely matters and hurriedly interrupted.

“Oh, Zi Yan has inspected you completely?” Su Luo imitated his tone, her smiling gaze sweeping over their faces.

Zi Yan finally realized and immediately, her face turned red. She very fiercely glared at Beichen Ying, not allowing him to say anymore nonsense. Then she explained to Su Luo: “I only told him places that were easily overlooked, others I didn’t see. You must by all means not misunderstand ah.”

“What will I misunderstand?” Su Luo continued to joke with them.

“Hey, Luo Luo!” Zi Yan was so anxious that she almost stamped her feet.

Seeing this, Su Luo slowly let them go. Her gaze landed on Beichen Ying’s body, a trace of seriousness appearing in her gaze as she sternly said: “Do you know my thoughts?”

“Yes.” Beichen Ying nodded firmly, “I know, let me go over first to find a path.”

“Originally, it should be me to go over first, but only I can extract out the juice from the Ice Spirit Flower accurately. If I go over, then it would be inconvenient. If Nangong Liuyun was to go, there is still Dongfang Xuan eyeing this covetously behind, also not very safe, so…” Su Luo explained it to him.

“I understand, able to be the first to cross the lava bridge, this matter is the bravest thing I, Beichen Ying, have done in this life. After a hundred years, I can show off this matter with my offsprings and descendants. I can’t even wait to fight for this chance, how can I blame you?” Beichen Ying laughed in a carefree and nitwitted manner, the sunlight was so dazzling as to make a person’s heart hurt.

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