DKC – Chapter 1661

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Chapter 1661 – Win huge prizes (4)

“You are sure?” Su Luo frowned. Zi Yan had just made fun of Li Aochen, if she also drew a ‘thank you for your patronage’, then wouldn’t Li Aochen laugh to death? So, Su Luo asked her again.

Zi Yan lifted her eyes to look towards Li Aochen, at this moment, Li Aochen was glaring at her with ridicule.

The corner of Zi Yan’s mouth hooked up slightly as she provokingly shot him a glance. Soon after, she said to Su Luo: “No problem, my luck will definitely not be worse than his!”

Su Luo smiled, luck this thing was imaginary, it was very hard to say. Since Zi Yan insisted, Su Luo naturally wouldn’t oppose. As a result, she smiled: “Okay, in any case, if the first time you don’t hit the jackpot, then we can do it again. We are different from a certain someone, what we don’t lack is white stones.”

“That’s right, what we don’t lack are white stones!” Zi Yan provocatively swept Li Aochen a glance, whereas the other, panting in rage, turned his face away.

As a result, drawing prizes started again.

Wait until the stop button was pressed, Zi Yan had her eyes closed, hands in prayer as she prayed non-stop: must by all means, don’t be number 99, must not, must not…. She didn’t want to have the same bad luck as Beichen Ying.

Don’t know how long had passed, Su Luo lightly bumped her shoulder. Then, Zi Yan returned to her senses.

“How is it? Did I win?” Zi Yan still hadn’t opened her eyes, only asking Su Luo in a low voice.

Su Luo speechlessly sighed: “You look for yourself.”

As a result, Zi Yan slowly opened her eyes. When she saw that number, Zi Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Number 97? How could it be like this ah….” The larger the number, the worse the reward. Just now, Su Luo drew number 98, now ,she immediately drew number 97? She and Su Luo really were sisters in distress ah.

“Come, number 97 is a blue-colored crystal stone.” Su Luo pointed at that blue-colored crystal stone as she said this to Zi Yan.

“Blue-colored crystal stone is also not bad. I really like it.” Zi Yan clasped the blue-colored crystal stone, provocatively looking towards Li Aochen, “Humph, what humph, if you have the ability, then don’t draw ‘thank you for your patronage’ ah!”

A simple sentence directly stabbed Li Aochen’s heart. Li Aochen gloomily turned his head away. Who told him to draw ‘thank you for your patronage’, it’s no wonder he was despised.

Following was Luo Haoming’s turn to draw.

Luo Haoming smilingly walked up, then smiled towards Su Luo to say: “Hope I can borrow some of Miss Su’s luck.”

“This time, what number do you want to draw?” Su Luo asked curiously.

“How could I dare to say what number to draw, as long as it’s not number 99, it is fine. If I can draw Grandmaster level Medicinal Pill, it could be considered not having come to Secret Roaming Dragon Territory in vain.” Luo Haoming said this sincerely.

Su Luo curious gaze swept Luo Haoming from head to toe. Su Luo’s perception was very sharp. Before, she could clearly detect the enminity coming from Luo Haoming. But now, she could only sense the good-natured manner coming from Luo Haoming’s body. In the end, where did the problem come from?

Luo Haoming naturally knew why Su Luo was frowning, but he didn’t say anything to lay bare this. He only nodded faintly towards Su Luo. Soon after, he arrived in front of the prize-drawing machine.

He didn’t deliberately do anything, he just carelessly pressed down the start button. Then, a while later, he quietly pressed the stop button.

When the number stopped rolling——

“This…” Zi Yan was so surprised she almost bit off her tongue.

“Emperor rank Blood Clotting Pill…” Su Luo also felt this was unbelievable. She somewhat speechlessly looked at Luo Haoming’s white and long slender finger. How could Luo Haoming’s luck be so good? This was his first time drawing right? Just got up and drew Emperor rank Blood Clotting Pill. This thing was ranked at number 15 ah!

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