DKC – Chapter 1650

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Chapter 1650 – Break up (1)

Zi Yan followed Su Luo’s gaze to look at those three people who were working hard to launch elemental attacks. A countless number of Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders fell to the ground, dead. On the ground laid, one after another, sparkling white stones, looking very attractive.

Free labor? Zi Yan’s lips moved, muttering this to herself, then she smiled. Since Su Luo said this, then it must be reasonable. Wasn’t Dongfang Xuan robbing their Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders? In the end, he still needed to spit it out!

Thus, the group of four quietly stood like this on the hill, watching Dongfang Xuan’s side being busy.

Dongfang Xuan’s group weren’t fools, such obvious targets, how could they not find out?

Frowning, Li Aochen was the first who couldn’t stand it: “Is it really okay for us to do it like this?” Li Aochen was very clear, these Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders were ones they intercepted halfway. From that little fox’s body, at a glance, it was definitely Su Luo’s without a doubt.

Dongfang Xuan smiled coldly: “If you are afraid, you can leave on your own. No one is forcing you. But you can’t take a single one of these white stones away.”

Dongfang Xuan’s tone was strong and overbearing, simply wouldn’t tolerate dissent.

Luo Aoming’s eyes flashed with a hint of coldness. He disapproved of Dongfang Xuan’s forceful means, but he didn’t want to kill these scattered Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders by himself. Therefore, he remained silent, not uttering a word, only burying his head in his work.

Li Aochen’s gaze swept by the hillside not far away: “Nangong Liuyun is standing there!”

The expression in Dongfang Xuan’s eyes changed slightly, but he immediately sneered: “Still that same sentence, if you’re scared, you can leave on your own!”

Li Aochen coldy retracted his gaze. Seeing that they were about to harvest everything, whoever left at this time was a fool.

Therefore, he simply closed his mouth and released ice blades one after another from his hand, venting all his anger on the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders in front. Although all three of them were tenth-ranked, the speed at which they killed the Hidden-eyed Purple spiders were really not as good as the combination of Su Luo’s group.

In the wake of the battle gradually subsiding, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun made their way down the hillside, unhurriedly walking towards the battlefield. Su Luo’s eyes were narrowed slightly, a ghost of a smile hung at the corner of her mouth with cold intent, as she, in an icily arrogant manner, looked at them.

Dongfang Xuan saw Su Luo’s willful and brash appearance, and immediately, don’t know where the rage came from. One insignificant ninth rank actually dared to strut around in front of him. According to his temper from before, he absolutely would send a palm strike to slap the opponent to death. But from his peripheral vision, he saw Su Luo with the inseparable Nangong Liuyun, and Dongfang Xuan, who was in extreme anger, with great difficulty swallowed this.

Ten years is not too late for a gentleman’s revenge! Moreover, wait and see! Dongfang Xuan secretly swore in his heart.

“Hey, there are a lot of Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders here, it’s really tempting looking at them.” Su Luo’s hands folded over her chest, the corner of her mouth was raised slightly, hooking into a ridiculing arc.

Dongfang Xuan sneered, too lazy to be bothered with Su Luo. The other two people also didn’t speak, continuing to do the work at hand. Because there were still fifty Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders that were going around in circles with nowhere to hide.

“Yes ah, these Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders look very familiar ah. Luo Luo, wouldn’t you say so too?” Zi Yan and Su Luo had full rapport, the two followed each other’s words like a double act.

“Not only are the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders familiar, I’m even more familiar with this little fox.” Su Luo’s slender finger pointed at the little fox being confined by Dongfang Xuan.

Right now, the little fox had both legs upright, with its two little claws forming fists placed under both sides of its chin. Its pair of eyes seemed to have been bathed in water, shining like the stars. It appeared adorable and innocent while having been wronged. Watching it made people’s hearts melt.

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