DKC – Chapter 1643

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Chapter 1643 – Marvelous counterattack (10)

This time, Su Luo’s teleport could be said to have been of great use.

She was already able to control the direction and distance of teleport, so she was able to circle such a large area. After her inspection, she drew all the Hidden-eyed Purple Spider’s nest she had sensed.

Of course, Nangong Liuyun was also of no exception.

He took the pen and paper, with a few brush strokes marked five to six black spots, then handed the map back into Su Luo’s hands.

Su Luo’s sight swept across the simple map once through.

It wouldn’t be easy to get close to the target in the shortest time possible. To also avoid those Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders from getting the news and move their nest wasn’t an easy task. Su Luo, after much calculation, drew up the best route to travel to hit the targets, then handed it to Nangong Liuyun to have him look it over.

Seeing the serious expression on Su Luo’s face, Nangong Liuyun gave a gentle laugh. Soon after, he touched Su Luo’s pure white and flawless cheek, “Your calculation is very accurate.”

“Really?”After being praised, Su Luo’s eyes shone brightly.

“Yes, there’s no difference with the one I calculated.” Nangong Liuyun spoke with certainty.

“That’s good, then let’s just follow this route and advance.” Su Luo put away the map, pulled Nangong Liuyun, then turned her head to say to the two people behind, “Quickly follow. This is still the border of the desert area. If Dongfang Xuan and them come over to search, they will be able to see us at a glance. With Dongfang Xuan’s thick-faced and shameless personality, he will definitely come over to take a share of the action. He may even rob the fruits of our labor.”

Hearing this, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan were shocked.

Su Luo used Nothingness of Space to cover the three of them, and soon after, a white light quickly flashed by. When they opened their eyes, the four of them had already appeared deep in the endless desert.

Because Su Luo had actually taken them directly there via teleport.

Su Luo pointed at the footprints in front of them to everyone: “These are the footprints I left before as a mark. One kilometer ahead is the nest of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders. Everyone must be careful.”

Zi Yan and Beichen Ying nodded, they had a firm look, and their gazes were earnest and serious.

“Who is going to make the first move?” Zi Yan asked in a low voice.

The destructiveness of the first move must be the greatest.

Because that whole nest of Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders didn’t know the human beings who wanted to slaughter them were already close, so they hadn’t fled. Once the first move was released, by catching them off-guard, they definitely could kill a large number of them.

“How about we attack together?” Su Luo thought about it and cautiously proposed the idea, “We each stand in the four directions, blocking the entire north, south, east and west. This way, even if they want to escape, they can’t.”

“This is a good idea!” Zi Yan raised both hands in favor.

Su Luo raised her head to look at the sky, then proposed another idea, “Now, the nest of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders are in the shape of the character 口. The four of us each stand in the south, east and west, with Nangong Liuyun on the north side. But when attacking, everyone pay attention here, the three of us attack first, the attack must land on this line of the 口 shape.”

Su Luo paused, then continued to say: “Thus, the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders will find there are no attacks from the north side, so all of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders will flee to the north. The rest will all be handed over to Nangong.”

Because the four of their strengths were comparably weak, but Nangong Liuyun was the strongest. As long as the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders didn’t scatter and escape in all directions, he would be able to dig up the Hidden-eyed Purple Spider’s nest by himself.

Before, when they attacked the first nest, because there weren’t a plan of deployment, besides Nangong Liuyun, the rest of them had acted with confusion. In the end, although they exterminated that nest, but they had also spent a lot of effort. Moreover, during the fighting, they also let several Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders escape.

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