DKC – Chapter 1628

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Chapter 1628 – There was treasure everywhere (7)

The white-bearded old grandpa stroked his beard calmly said: “Go, draw it properly. Seeing that you, this girl, has a clear and bright face, luck may not be so bad.”

This was the first time the white-bearded old grandpa opened his door to do business, naturally, he wanted to have a good omen.

“Okay, borrowing luck from your words.” Su Luo cupped her hand over a fist in respect, then her attention returned to the stage of the prize drawing.

Su Luo took out a hundred white stones from her space and placed it in the funnel-like opening.

“Ding-dong, ding-dong——” A crisp beautiful sound continuously transmitted out.

Hearing this beautiful sound, Dongfang Xuan’s brows tightly puckered. A vicious cold light flashed through his eyes. It was as if he could see Su Luo collect all of those treasures on the shelf. His heart started to twitch in distress.

When Su Luo’s one hundred white stones entered, very quickly, the originally pitch-black screen instantly lit up.

As a result, Su Luo could clearly see the button on it.

“So just push this button?” This was the first time Su Luo used it, so she was somewhat uncertain. As a result, she turned to asked the white-bearded old grandpa.

The white-bearded old grandpa was reclining on the chair, bathing lazily in the sun. His face was full of enjoyment and pleasure. Seeing Su Luo ask, he gave an ‘uh-huh’ as a reply.

As a result, Su Luo’s gaze once again returned to the screen.

“How about I press it?” Beichen Ying, full of interest, rubbed his hands. He had never seen something like this, but it looked very interesting.

Su Luo saw he was full of interest, so she automatically retreated two steps and nodded her head to say: “Sure, you come try your luck.”

Beichen Ying saw Su Luo agreed, and his pretty large eyes shone brightly: “Luo Luo, rest assured! Sometimes my luck is also pretty good!”

Zi Yan slanted him a glance in displeasure: “Just your little black hand, still dare to say your luck is very good? You might not even get a treasure and instead draw a hard-to-complete mission of death!”

“Ah?” Beichen Ying’s face paled, suddenly, he didn’t dare to touch it.

Su Luo smiled: “No problem, just now, I looked at it clearly. In total, there are ninety-nine square boxes on this shelf. After you press this button to confirm, a corresponding number should appear here. Every number is matched to a prize. The worst prize is ‘thank you for your patronage’ these five words. Elder, is what I said correct?” The last square had a slip of paper that said these five words.

The last sentence Su Luo said was towards the white-bearded old grandpa who had his eyes narrowed, enjoying bathing in the sunlight.

This old grandpa was too unprofessional, looked like a take charge kind of person, but the result was that he didn’t take care of anything. Just tossed it to them to ponder this for themselves.

“En, en.” The old grandpa was half-awake and half-asleep as he lightly snorted these two words. But in his heart, he secretly said ‘This girl knows her stuff, in one go, she had figured out the rules.’

In fact, how was the white-bearded old grandpa to know, Su Luo’s soul had crossed over from the modern world. In the modern world, there were countless ways to draw prizes, which one hadn’t she seen before? The old grandpa’s machine was simply child’s play to her.

“Come, just push at random.” Su Luo encouraged Beichen Ying, “Isn’t it just one hundred white stones? We have a lot more.”

Dongfang Xuan’s group silently glanced at Su Luo, then turned their face away in extreme anger.

Still a lot more, a lot of the white stones were theirs okay? Being generous to others through using their effort and still so proud! But before, they had lost face in front of Su Luo’s forceful words, so these three people could only remain silent. At the same time, they prayed in their hearts: thank you for your patronage, thank you for your patronage, thank you for your patronage….

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