DKC – Chapter 1624

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Chapter 1624 – There was treasure everywhere (3)

Fortunately, she had Nangong Liuyun at her side. He was like a towering huge mountain, steady and giving people a sense of security. As if with him, no danger would descend on her body.

Nangong Liuyun’s footsteps were very steady, as if stepping on flat ground. The small hurricane winds that rushed towards him from all around didn’t seem to affect him at all. Very quickly, as if walking on flat ground, he had arrived at the opposite precipice.

“Huh, where is Li Aochen and Luo Haoming? How come I don’t see the two of them?” Su Luo said thoughtfully.

“Them ah, already left.” Zi Yan gave a cold humph unhappily, “As if they were afraid if we go together with them. we would snatch the good stuff from them. Each of them rushed to be reborn.”

Su Luo inevitably laughed out loud: “Maybe they felt that running faster, their probability of finding treasures would be greater.”

“Seeking treasure also depends on luck, they don’t have that kind of luck.” Ever since Beichen Ying ate loss after loss, this time, he was very certain, he must hold tightly onto Su Luo’s thigh. To blindly follow behind her, only this way, even if Su Luo ate meat, he at least could drink some soup. This soup was a hundred times better than him rushing about randomly.

Now, Dongfang Xuan had already slowly walked over. His gloomy and cold gaze swept over everyone. Soon after, his figure flashed and disappeared in place.

“Looks like Dongfang Xuan is also in a hurry. We should also go quickly.” Zi Yan was afraid that the treasures really would be snatched away, so she hurriedly urged everyone to move.

As a result, the group of people used their martial arts and followed along this straight little pathway between the mountain to speed ahead.

Before, no one had come to the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory. As a result, there wasn’t a map, so they could only look while they walked.

After traveling for about one hour, a wooden room appeared up ahead.

There was actually a little wooden room in this primitive jungle? Could it be that there were traces of humans having lived here before?

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun exchanged a glance, a curious light flashing through their eyes.

“Huh, Luo Haoming’s group of three are all standing outside that door. All of them look like blocks of wood, very interesting.” Beichen Ying’s eyesight was very good. Separated by a great distance, although he couldn’t see too clearly, he could vaguely see an outline.

“We should also go over.” Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo to take the lead and headed in that direction.

Having gotten closer, they could finally see clearly the scene in front of them.

Beichen Ying said it correctly, Luo Haoming’s group of three were like fools standing there, okay?

But when they saw the things on the shelf from the doorway of the little wooden room, Su Luo’s group sucked in a breath of cold air.

The little wooden room wasn’t big, but it was made from the best black iron wood and was well fortified.

The strangest thing was, a shelf of goods was arranged in front of the door to the little wooden room. Behind the shelf was a benevolent-looking old man with grey hair. And the goods on that shelf was the reason Su Luo’s group sucked in a breath of cold air.

On that seemingly common shelf made from red sandalwood was neatly arranged a pile of treasures!

High level martial arts!

Black-colored Crystal Stones!

Transparent crystal ball!

Purple wings!

Grandmaster level Medicinal Pills!

Emperor level Medicinal Pills!

Many, many treasures!

Even Su Luo, who was accustomed to seeing treasures, now wasn’t able to remain calm.

These treasures, placed outside, would absolutely cause a huge fight in the world. But to simply display it here like this? Was it for sale? This white-bearded old grandpa wasn’t afraid that the stuff would be snatched by other people? Also, what’s wrong with Li Aochen, Dongfang Xuan and Luo Haoming? Why was it that they were like statues?

Su Luo unknowingly said this sentence out loud.

The white-bearded old grandpa behind the shelf smiled kindly. He seemed very affable. He gently explained to Su Luo: “These three little guys oh, didn’t ask and courted disaster to themselves. They are frozen stiff by ball of ice. It’s nothing, in a while, they’ll return to before.”

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