DKC – Chapter 1618

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Chapter 1618 – Master being partial (10)

The Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders never expected the enemy’s attacks would be so strong. That king directly ordered the assault to stop. Meaningless sacrifice, with regards to it, was unnecessary.

As a result, the battle paused momentarily.

“Huh, what is that thing?” Su Luo pointed to those little stones that were giving off light.

Those little stones were smooth as jade, the light they issued were very pleasant-looking.

Nangong Liuyun extended out his hand, his white-as-jade, sculpted and slender fingers seemed to have a bewitching power. He rotated his five fingers, and a sudden burst of wind headed towards his fingertips, and a white-as-jade little stone then fell into his hand.

“Take it for you to play with.” Nangong Liuyun spoilingly help her tidy up her slightly messy hair.

Su Luo happily nodded her head.

Dongfang Xuan and Li Aochen coldy swept a glance at Su Luo: “Miss Su, now is the time of battle, can you be a bit more serious? While fighting, picking up things to play with? Who indulged this temperament of yours?”

Su Luo hadn’t replied when Nangong Liuyun’s long arm extended and fastened Su Luo into his embrace. Long and narrow phoenix eyes swept past, as he arrogantly raised his chin: “Indulged by me, you have a problem with it?”

His Highness Prince Jin speaking, he should just say it, but he actually issued that unparalleled Commander-ranked powerful deterrence. That strong pressure was like a huge mountain peak as it heavily pressed towards Li Aochen’s back.

In a split second, a thin layer of sweat appeared on Li Aochen’s forehead. The sweat condensed into beads, tumbling down drop by drop.

Now, Li Aochen’s forehead, neck, and the back of his head. Any place that the skin was exposed, you could see line after line of veins protruding out. Under the skin, faint traces of blood appeared, as if the next second, his body would explode into fragments.

Li Aochen’s complexion was pale, when he looked at Su Luo, his eyes had a thread of reverence. Seeing that both knees were about to kneel down, in the end, he grinned and bore it to apologize to Su Luo: “Miss Su, forgive me for spouting my mouth off!”

Soon after, two ‘pow’ sounds came from him slapping his own face.

“Hiss——” Zi Yan sucked in a cold breath of air.

Handsome, Third Senior Brother was too handsome okay!

This deterrence force of who dared to say a bad word about my family’s Luo Luo would make your body explode….tsk, tsk, really was too formidable! Zi Yan’s eyes went straight from watching this, eyes flicking radiantly.

Su Luo was also somewhat shocked. But she immediately pulled at Nangong Liuyun’s sleeves, her smiling face was like a flower: “Indeed, I am also somewhat wrong, let’s just forget about this matter.”

Nangong Liuyun would defend her like this, to her, it was the most important thing. As for what would happen to Li Aochen, she didn’t care about it. Only now was the time to battle, Li Aochen could be considered a force, losing it would be a pity.

Nangong Liuyun lowered his head. Pampering and warmly, he hooked Su Luo’s nose: “Whatever you say.”

This deeply attached appearance, was this f*cking the same person as that fiend-like Asura from hell just now? Wasn’t this changing of the face too fast? Wasn’t this difference in treatment too obvious!

Beichen Ying gave a thumbs up towards Nangong Liuyun, too awesome! Before, how was it that he never found that Nangong Liuyun, this guy, had the potential to be an emotional saint?

Su Luo rolled her eyes in annoyance at Beichen Ying, her hands tossing the little stone as she carefully examined it.

“Is there a problem?” Nangong Liuyun lowered his voice to ask.

“I always feel that this little stone…although it doesn’t have spirit aura, has no use for cultivating. But feeling….in short, I really like it.” Su Luo lifted up her face, smiling brilliantly.

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