DKC – Chapter 1615

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Chapter 1615 – Master being partial (7)

Su Luo nodded towards Beichen Ying.

She was very clear about Dongfang Xuan’s temperament. Right now, he was a feral wolf whose stomach rumbled with hunger. Once this feral wolf had eaten his full and was restored to his original strength, the first thing he would do was to snatch away all her things. And don’t count on him to be capable of being grateful.

Dongfang Xuan was just that kind of person.

Su Luo, with a ghost of a smile, cast sidelong glances at Dongfang Xuan: “Any condition is okay?”

Dongfang Xuan’s face had a smile that glittered brilliantly: “Of course. With regards to you, the Blood Clotting Pill is merely a small piece in the bottle, but as far as I’m concerned, this tiny piece is already very important. Therefore, you can ask for any condition.”

“Then, if my condition is… Li Yaoyao?” Su Luo was all smiles as she looked at him, observing the tiniest expression on his face.

It was very hard to see that Dongfang Xuan’s brows rose up slightly. Although it was restored to its serene expression in an instant, but Su Luo, who was observing every detail, still discovered it. Su Luo secretly guessed in her heart, looks like Li Yaoyao was still rather quiet important in Dongfang Xuan’s heart. Don’t know what kind of foresight the master of Purgatory City used to accept disciples. This first senior brother and the second senior brother all had deep feelings towards Li Yaoyao. Comparing them, her family’s Nangong Liuyun’s foresight was the best.

However, Dongfang Xuan used his real feelings on Li Yaoyao, don’t know if it could be compared to this Blood Clotting Pill.

“Yaoyao? Your condition is?” Dongfang Xuan’s expression was as peaceful as water, the corner of his mouth hooked with a demonic charm, giving people a kind of sinister and ruthless feeling.

“I heard you are almost married to Li Yaoyao, is this matter true?” In any case, Su Luo would be bored staying idle, then she might as well talk about this and that with Dongfang Xuan.

“I will marry her.” Dongfang Xuan’s voice was firm as iron.

“Then, do you want Li Yaoyao or the Blood Clotting Pill?” Su Luo, smiling happily, took out that bottle of dazzling Blood Clotting Pill from her sleeves. She poured one out into the center of her palm.

Emperor rank Blood Clotting Pill gave off a rich medicinal fragrance, full of a captivating force. Taking one gaze at it made people unable to shift their gaze. Couldn’t help but say that Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill, every pill had its own unique charm.

Dongfang Xuan subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of his own saliva. A struggling expression quickly flashed through his eyes.

“Looks like you are going to choose Li Yaoyao ah?” Su Luo smiled happily as she put the Blood Clotting Pill back, unhurriedly covered it with the oak cork. Soon after, she tossed the entire bottle into her sleeves.

“If I said…I choose the Blood Clotting Pill ah?” Dongfang Xuan’s gaze unblinkingly stared at Su Luo.

If he had the Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill, it was equal to having an extra lifeline. This, with regards to Dongfang Xuan, was an incomparable fatal attraction. Now, his eyes flashed as he stared at Su Luo with sinister ruthlessness, such as a trapped beast like a wolf. That at anytime, he would attack with a dangerous nature.

“You really want to choose Blood Clotting Pill and not Li Yaoyao?” Su Luo expressed her disbelief, “Li Yaoyao’s belly still is pregnant with your Dongfang family’s bloodline. Like this, you are still willing to abandon it?”

“You!” This loathsome girl, not only wanted him to abandon Yaoyao, even forced him to abort his bloodline.

In a flash, Dongfang Xuan sank into an indecisive situation, because he really couldn’t decide in a short period of time.

“Don’t be anxious, there is plenty of time, you ponder it over slowly.” Su Luo turned around and walked away, she walked a few steps and stopped again, “If you really want the Blood Clotting Pill, then after we get out of the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, you have to personally break it off with Li Yaoyao. Naturally, I will offer the Blood Clotting Pill with both hands.”

Tossing down this sentence, Su Luo quickly left. Leaving behind Dongfang Xuan sitting in place with his brows knotted and a tangled expression on his face. His hand was tightly clenched.

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